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Keuka Lowlands Unit

Map of the Keuka Lowlands Unit Management Plan area.The Keuka Lowlands Unit Management Plan is a ten year plan for the multiple use of about 6,048 acres of wildlife management area and state forest land in Steuben and Schuyler Counties. It is comprised of Birdseye Hollow, Moss Hill and Mount Washington State Forests and Cold Brook and Waneta-Lamoka Wildlife Management Areas. The plan details management activities for a 10-year period.

The final plan is available as a PDF file at the bottom of this page, hard copies are available at the Avon and Bath DEC offices or from the public libraries in Hammondsport and Savona.

Public participation has been sought via mailings on May 19, 2006 and a public meeting was held on Aug. 5, 2010, at the Bath DEC office. Written and oral public comments were accepted on the draft plan until Sept. 7, 2010.

The plan offers general information on the unit's history and geology, an inventory of the unit's resources, such as mineral resources, vegetative types and stages, fish, wildlife and habitat and a summary of identified issues, such as access, vegetative management and oil and gas leasing. It also describes the proposed goals and objectives and policy constraints in managing the unit.

The vision of the plan is to ensure the biological integrity, improvement and protection of the Keuka Lowlands Management Unit. This shall be done within the multiple use concept of management, which strives to serve the needs of the people of New York State by providing a broad based, biologically diverse ecosystem. This plan directs the future management of the property which will include such activities as maintenance and improvement of access to the site, managing natural vegetation, including native grasslands and woodlands, controlling exotic species, preservation of historical and archaeological resources, recreational facilities. These facilities include the Finger Lakes Trail, Forest Stewardship Demonstration Tour, Birdseye Hollow Park, Sanford Lake Recreation Area, the boat launch on Waneta-Lamoka, Kris' snowmobile trail, additional parking lots, kiosks, etc.

Full Plan

Keuka Lowlands Unit Management Plan (PDF) (4.6 MB)