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46-Corners Management Unit

The 46-Corners Management Unit is a group of 8 state forests located on the south west portion of the Tug Hill Plateau. The Unit Management Plan covers these 18,032 acres in the Oneida County towns of Annsville, Camden and Florence; Oswego County town of Redfield; and the Lewis County town of Lewis. Eight state forest properties are included in the Unit:

  • Big Brook State Forest
  • Cobb Brook State Forest
  • Fall Brook State Forest
  • Florence Hill State Forest
  • Furnace Creek State Forest
  • Mad River State Forest
  • Tri-County State Forest
  • Swancott Hill State Forest.

The state forests are north of State Routes 13 and 69, north of the village of Camden and between the East and West Branches of Fish Creek. Most of the county and town roads in this part of the county touch various pieces of the above state forests.

46-Corners Management Area is easily accessible with 56 miles of road (county, town and DEC forest access roads) dissecting the unit. The landscape diversity is enhanced by the 1,520 acres of NYS regulated wetlands, much of which includes current beaver ponds and old beaver meadows. The abundant wetland resource provides plenty of opportunities for trappers in pursuit of beaver, mink, otter, and fisher. There are 50 miles of trout water tributaries that provide for excellent trout spawning habitat. Anglers and bird watchers enjoy the 4 man-made ponds on the Unit. The Unit provides a majority of conifer cover across the landscape with 5,536 acres of conifer plantation. There are also 29 miles of snowmobile trails throughout the property and 2 miles of trails designated for ATV use for persons with disabilities and an appropriate permit.

The management objectives for the Unit were determined on the landscape level, not only to ensure biological diversity and the protection of ecosystems but also to optimize the many benefits to the public that these lands serve. A sustainable timber harvest schedule was developed as a main recommendation of the plan. Many of our management objectives are achieved though silvicultural activities. Standard guidelines are outlined in the plan for all harvesting actives around streams, ponds and wetlands. The silvicultural objectives of the plan will try to maintain a strong softwood component in the unit while also providing key wildlife habitat.

New recreation facilities planned for include:

  • Erecting a wildlife viewing platform at the end of Wentworth Road on Furnace Creek State Forest.
  • Construction of universally accessible fishing piers for both Johnny Smith Pond and Cassbaker Pond.
  • Designation of 18 campsites; 9 of which will be high use areas including on Johnny Smith Pond and Cassbaker Pond and 9 primitive campsites located off the roads in the different state forests.
  • Construction of a snowmobile parking lot to accommodate 25 trailered vehicles off Hanifin Road.
  • Build a cross-county ski trail on Mad River State Forest.

46-Corners Final Unit Management Plan (January 2013):

The unit management plan is available here as a PDF document. It has been divided up into manageable parts to be accommodated by most computers.

46-Corners Unit Management Plan Pages i-221 (PDF), Cover, Preface and Unit Management Plan without the maps (3.36 MB)

Water Resources Maps (PDF), One map for each of the eight state forests (3.24 MB)

Recreation Facilities Maps (PDF), 3 maps (511 KB)

Map of the Forest Stands Age Structure (PDF), One map for the entire unit (406 KB)

Forest Stands Map of Cobb Brook State Forest (PDF) (1.70 MB)

Forest Stands Map of Fall Brook State Forest (PDF) (2.58 MB)

Forest Stands Map of Tri-County State Forest (PDF) (2.28 MB)

Forest Stands Map of Mad River State Forest (PDF) (2.43 MB)

Forest Stands Map of Big Brook State Forest (PDF) (2.46 MB)

Forest Stands Map of Furnace Creek State Forest (PDF) (2.33 MB)

Forest Stands Map of Florence Hill State Forest (PDF) (2.23 MB)

Forest Stands Map of Swancott Hill State Forest (PDF) (2.44 MB)

Mineral Exploration and Development Map (PDF) (385 KB)

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