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Keuka Highlands Unit

A map showing the location of the Keuka Highlands Unit Management Plan.The Keuka Highlands Unit Management Plan is a ten year plan for the multiple use of about 3,688 acres of State Forest land. Two state forests, Pigtail Hollow and Urbana, make up the Keuka Highlands Unit and are located west of Keuka Lake in Steuben County. The Keuka Highlands Unit Management Plan was prepared by a committee of DEC Lands and Forests, Wildlife and Public Affairs staff at the Region 8 DEC office in 1993 and again in 2011. Benefits such as water quality, a variety of healthy wildlife, and recreational enjoyment are insured by selectively varying the types and growth stages of tree stands within this unit, maintaining grasslands, and enhancing wetland areas.

The plan offers general information on the unit's history and geology, an inventory of the unit's resources, such as vegetative types and stages, fish, wildlife and habitat. It also describes the proposed goals and objectives along with policy considerations for managing the unit.

The vision of the plan is to ensure the biological integrity, improvement and protection of the Keuka Highlands Unit. This shall be done within the multiple use concept of management, which strives to serve the needs of the people of New York State by providing a broad based, biologically diverse ecosystem. Objectives of the plan include maintaining and enhancing a diversity of vegetative types and stages, together with the wildlife and cultural resources of the area.

2011 Keuka Highlands UMP (Final)

Keuka Highlands 2011 Final UMP (PDF) (2.3 MB) (entire document)

1993 Keuka Highlands UMP (Final)

Keuka Highlands 1993 Final UMP (PDF) (3.3MB) (entire document)

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