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Broome State Forest

The Broome State Forests Unit Management Plan covers Cat Hollow, Tracy Creek, Beaver Pond, Whitaker Swamp, Hawkins Pond, Marsh Pond, Skyline Drive, and Cascade Valley State Forests.

The Division of Lands & Forests within the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (the Department) is responsible for the management of certain public lands in New York State including all of the state forests. It is not practical to develop a separate management plan for each, individual State forest. Instead, the forests are grouped into planning units. A planning unit considers the State lands that share close geographic proximity and common natural resource characteristics. The written plan for a unit is called a Unit Management Plan. This plan addresses eight state forests located in the southern and eastern portions of Broome County.

It is the policy of the Department to manage state lands for multiple use to serve the People of New York State. This Unit Management Plan is the first step in carrying out that policy. The plan has been developed to address management activities on this Unit for the next 10 years, with a review and update due in 5 years. Some management recommendations may extend beyond the 10-year period. Factors such as budget constraints, wood product markets, and forest health problems may necessitate deviations from the scheduled management activities. This management will ensure the sustainability, biological improvement, and protection of the Unit's ecosystems, as well as optimize the many benefits to the public that these state forests provide.

Article 9, Titles 5 and 7, of the NYS Environmental Conservation Law (ECL) authorizes the Department to provide for the management of lands acquired outside of the Adirondack and Catskill Parks. Management, as defined by these laws, includes watershed protection, the production of timber and other forest products, recreational uses, and kindred purposes. The Draft State Forest Land Master Plan provides the overall direction and framework for meeting these legal mandates. The Broome State Forests plan must conform to the objectives, guidelines, and policies set forth in the Master Plan.

These forests are part of a larger landscape, and so, the effects of each proposed action will be considered from this perspective. This plan is also intended to serve as an educational resource.

Four public meetings regarding State Forest management were held in the Broome County area. Two of the meetings were held in the village of Deposit for the Treaty Line Unit Management Plan and two were held in Johnson City for the Draft Region 7 Recreation Master Plan. Input received at these meetings was used to shape the management direction for the Broome State Forests. The Broome State Forests Unit Management Plan has been written to complement other Unit Management Plans in the region.

Broome State Forests Unit Management Plan:

Cover through page 43 (pdf, 1.21 Mb)

Hawkins Pond and Marsh Pond State Forests Pages 44-48 (pdf, 1.05 Mb)

Skyline Drive and Cascade Valley State Forests Pages 49-53 (pdf, 1.26 Mb)

Beaver Pond State Forest Pages 54-56 (pdf, 776 kb)

Whitaker Swamp State Forest Pages 57-59 (pdf, 1.02 Mb)

Cat Hollow State Forest Pages 60-62 (pdf, 1.01 Mb)

Tracey Creek State Forest, Maps and Schedules, Budget, glossary, references, and Appendices. Pages 63-107 (pdf, 812 kb)

Cover Types, Facilities, and Water Resources (pdf, 1.10 Mb)

Maps: Tract Assessment for Oil & Gas; Management Direction (pdf, 1.38 Mb)

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