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Siamese Ponds Wilderness - Unit Management Plan

The Siamese Ponds Wilderness is one of the larger wilderness areas in the Adirondack Park. It contains approximately 114,000 acres of Forest Preserve lands. Popular points of interest include the Siamese Ponds that gave the area its name, Puffer Pond, Puffer Mountain, Chimney Mountain, Auger Falls, and Thirteenth Lake.

For a description of recreational opportunities in the unit, please visit the Siamese Ponds Wilderness recreation page.

Status of the UMP

The Department adopted a Unit Management Plan (UMP) for the Siamese Ponds Wilderness in 2005. If you have questions about the UMP, please e-mail us at:

Download the UMP

Siamese Ponds Wilderness Unit Management Plan - PDF (3.65 MB)

2017 Amendment - Recreational Enhancements and Wildlife Protection

Proposals in the UMP amendment include:

  • Installation of a gate at the entrance of Eagle Cave to protect an important bat hibernaculum;
  • Construction of the new Wakely Brook Trail to connect the Kunjamuk Trail with the Round Pond Trail;
  • Official designation and marking of the Round Pond Trail, the Kings Flow East Trail, and the Puffer Pond Brook Trail;
  • Retention of the Puffer Pond lean-to, which was identified for removal in the 2005 UMP;
  • Construction of a new trail segment connecting the John Pond - Clear Pond Loop Trail to Parkerville Road;
  • Re-routing of a portion of the Botheration Pond Trail; and
  • Re-routing of a portion of the Clear Pond Trail.

2017 Amendment to the Siamese Ponds Wilderness UMP - PDF (3.2 MB)