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Moose River Plains Wild Forest and Camping Area - Unit Management Plan

The Moose River Plains Wild Forest and Moose River Plains Intensive Use Camping Area are located in the Towns of Webb and Ohio in Herkimer County and the Towns of Arietta, Inlet, Long Lake, Lake Pleasant and Morehouse in Hamilton County. The Limekiln Lake‐Cedar River Road provides a connection through the unit between the hamlets of Inlet and Indian Lake. DEC also maintains several other roads in the area, and provides numerous individual camping sites along this road system.

For a description of recreational opportunities in the unit, please visit the Moose River Plains Wild Forest recreation page.

Status of the UMP

The Department adopted a Unit Management Plan (UMP) for the Moose River Plains Wild Forest and the Moose River Plains Intensive Use Camping Area in 2011. If you have questions about the UMP, please e-mail us at

Download the UMP

Moose River Plains Wild Forest Unit Management Plan - PDF (20 MB) - This is a large file and may take a long time to download. As an alternative, you may download individual sections below.

2017 Amendment - Mountain Bike Trails and Parking

The 2011 UMP called for DEC to develop a comprehensive mountain bike plan for the unit in consultation with mountain bikers, local governments and other interested parties. After a July 2013 meeting with these stakeholders, DEC contracted with the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) to create a conceptual mountain bike trail plan for the unit.

This amendment proposed to adopt certain components of the Conceptual Mountain Bike Trail Plan that are suitable in a wild forest setting. Additionally, the amendment proposed two new parking areas and several facility improvements for people with disabilities.