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Chenango Trail Unit Management Plan

The Chenango Trail Unit Management Plan covers 5,446 acres of land in the town of Coventry in Chenango County. The small villages of Greene, Oxford, Bainbridge and Afton are located on the perimeter of the Unit. Properties included in the Unit are: Coventry State Map of New York showing Chenango State Forest UnitForest, Bobell Hill State Forest, Beaver Flow State Forest, Bumps Creek State Forest, and Oak Ridge State Forest.

Unit Management Plans (UMPs) address such issues as recreation, timber management, the watershed, wildlife, mineral resources, accessibility, biodiversity, and public information. UMPs identify goals and objectives for multiple-use management, sustainable forestry, conservation of biological diversity, and engagement of the public in the management of the State Forests included in the Plan. Multiple-use management will be achieved through consideration of all of the various natural resources present on these properties and accommodating the compatible activities. Biological diversity will be conserved through the protection of wetlands, riparian areas, natural areas, and certain wildlife habitats, such as those of the red-shouldered haw. Interaction with the community will be encouraged through communication with outdoor activity clubs and implementation of Volunteer Stewardship Agreements (VSAs).

Public use and recreation opportunities will be offered through several proposals in this UMP. An informational kiosk, including a map and text description of forest features, will be installed at one location on each of the State Forests within the Unit. A parking area will also be constructed at each of these locations. As part of the Motorized Access Program for People with Disabilities (CP-3), a 1.2 mile designated trail on the Coventry State Forest will be maintained for ATV use by persons with disabilities. This trail offers access to a small pond that is a popular fishing destination. Presently, there are 1.5 miles of snowmobile trail in the forests of the Unit. These trails will continue to be maintained and an additional 2.5 miles of trail will be considered for establishment as an addition to the NYS Snowmobile Corridor Trail System.

A recreational trail, compatible with hiking, skiing, bird watching, etc., is being offered for establishment in this Plan through VSAs. The Oak Ridge State Forest contains a scenic stream gorge within a Natural Area where a loop trail could be established by a community group to provide enhanced public enjoyment of this forest, which contains exceptionally large white pine and red oak trees. The current parking area on Owlville Road will be relocated several hundred feet closer to the pond that it primarily serves.

This UMP implemented a unique approach to the management of biodiversity through a wildlife monitoring effort. The Management Indicator Species (MIS) concept will be utilized to verify the quality of wildlife habitats within the Unit. This concept identifies groups of wildlife species (mostly avian) that utilize specific habitat and periodically monitors them to verify the existence of desired characteristics and qualities of the Unit's ecosystem. It is hoped that most of the monitoring will be accomplished through the activities of interested local bird clubs.

DEC will make a dedicated effort to interact with the local community through a variety of public programs. These may include guided walks, workshops, tree planting programs, as well as the MIS monitoring program. Community-based forestry is a participatory approach to forest management that seeks to strengthen the relationship between local people and local forest resources. The Plan proposes to advance community based forestry through public programs, increased participation in DEC's cooperative forest management programs, and by maintaining a dialogue with local government about State Forest management.

Chenango Trail Unit Management Plan

Chenango Trail Unit Management Plan (PDF) (167 pages, 5.8 mB)

Chenango Trail Unit Management Plan Bird Survey

Please consider recording your bird observations while visiting the forests of the Chenango Trail UMP. A survey form is provided below for this purpose. These state forests are located near the Town of Coventry, Chenango County, NY. See Coventry map for location.

Chenango Trail UMP Management Indicator Species Observations (PDF, 254 kB)

The Chenango Trail Unit Management Plan has incorporated the Management Indicator Species (MIS) concept for the purpose of verifying the quality of the habitats in these state forests. Through MIS, we hope to better evaluate the impacts of our management actions on the forests. Since birds are one of the most observed wildlife species and they possess a wide variety of habitat needs, they have been chosen as the subjects of our field survey.

Seven different categories of birds have been identified on the survey form, based upon specific habitat requirements. The survey form is greatly simplified, making it accessible for all skill levels of bird observation. It is not necessary to identify the specific species of bird or its breeding status. The focus of the survey is to verify the utilization of certain habitats. Your responses are greatly appreciated and will contribute to the future management of these forests. If for some reason the survey form does not permit direct submission by email, please first save it to your hard drive and then email it as an attachment to: or you can print it and send it to the address below.

Questions may be directed to:

Andrew Goeller, Forester
2715 Route 80
Sherburne, NY 13460

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