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McDonough Unit Management Plan

The McDonough Unit Management Plan provides a framework for sustaining biological diversity while accommodating compatible public uses on 13,229 acres of State land in Chenango County. The Unit includes McDonough, Ludlow Creek, and Genegantslet State Forests located in the Towns of McDonough, Preston, and Smithville. These lands are certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (leaves DEC website) and Forest Stewardship Council (leaves DEC website) and are managed for long-term ecological, social, and economic health.

Forests occupy 95% of the unit, and ponds, open wetlands, and fields occupy the remaining land area. These conditions provide habitat for approximately 127 species of breeding birds; 51 species of mammals; and 49 species of reptiles, amphibians, and fish. Jacob's ladder (leaves DEC website), a rare plant in New York State, occurs on two sites within the unit.

Existing recreational facilities include 30.3 miles of designated recreational trails, Berry Hill Firetower, the Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) Historic Site, and Kopac Pond Wildlife Viewing Area. Genegantslet Creek is a popular fishery with sections passing through the unit and an additional 9.6 miles of public fishing easements on adjacent private land.

The draft UMP proposes management actions on the unit for the next 20 years. It defines goals and objectives for biodiversity conservation, timber production, and public recreation.

Proposed management actions include:

  • construct eight new parking areas;
  • establish two routes accessible to people with mobility impairments, totaling 1.5 miles;
  • install five new gates to prevent illegal motor vehicle access;
  • harvest 321 acres of timber each year;
  • remove interfering vegetation using herbicides;
  • establish a 0.2-mile accessible recreation trail to the Ludlow Creek lean-to; and
  • install two new kiosks.

DEC invites comments on the draft UMP before Thursday, August 15, 2019. To request more information and/or comment on the plan, email with the subject line "McDonough UMP", call, or send by US Postal mail by August 15, 2019:

Gregory Owens, Senior Forester
2715 State Route 80
Sherburne, NY 13460
(607) 674-4017

Draft McDonough Unit Management Plan

Draft McDonough Unit Management Plan (PDF)

McDonough UMP Maps 1 of 3 (PDF) (9.19 MB)

McDonough UMP Maps 2 of 3 (PDF)

McDonough UMP Maps 3 of 3 (PDF) (9.98 MB)

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