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Honeoye Lake Nutrient Inactivant Pilot Study

DEC is conducting a pilot project to control phosphorous in Honeoye Lake in the town of Richmond, Ontario County. Phosphorous is a critical nutrient, but excess concentrations can result in poor water quality.

DEC is studying potential management actions to control internal lake phosphorus loading from sediments on the floor of the lake. Honeoye Lake is a valued recreational asset, but it is currently impaired due to high phosphorus concentrations, mostly coming from within the lake itself. High phosphorous concentrations can create water quality issues such as reduced water clarity, low dissolved oxygen, fish die-offs, and may lead to harmful or toxic algal blooms (HABs).

This fall a contractor hired by DEC will apply aluminum sulfate (alum), a nutrient inactivant, to the deepest portions of Honeoye Lake in an effort to trap phosphorus in the sediments, preventing it from being dispersed in the water column where it can harm water quality.

For additional details, please read the project announcement.

The following documents provide relevant information to this project to control excess phosphorus:

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