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Agricultural Water Withdrawal Permit Application Procedures

Water withdrawal regulations (6 NYCRR Part 601 (leaves DEC website)) require a water withdrawal permit if an agricultural facility that did not report prior to February 15, 2012 is withdrawing water equal to or in excess of an average of 100,000 gallons per day in any 30-day consecutive period (3 million gallons during a 30-day period) ("threshold volume").

While an agricultural water withdrawal permit is not required for the existing withdrawals that were registered in 2012, a permit is required for new sources or increased capacity added since that date.

Please note that if your facility is located on Long Island (Kings, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk counties) and withdraws water from a well or wells with a combined capacity in excess of 45 gallons per minute, a Long Island Well Permit may be required instead of or in addition to a water withdrawal permit. Please contact Region 1 Division of Environmental Permits for additional information.

If your facility is located in the Delaware or Susquehanna River Basin, you may need an approval from the Basin Commission instead of a water withdrawal permit. Please contact the Delaware River Basin Commission (leaves DEC website) or the Susquehanna River Basin Commission (leaves DEC website) for more information.

Water Withdrawal Permit Application

This page contains forms and tools to help guide an applicant through the water withdrawal permit process. A pre-application meeting to discuss the specifics of your proposed withdrawal with DEC is strongly encouraged. This meeting allows the applicant to clarify project objectives and obtain DEC's recommendations. Such feedback can improve the project environmentally and shorten the application process. Contact your local regional permit administrator to schedule a meeting.

Items required for a complete water withdrawal permit application include:

How to Submit an Application

Contact your local regional permit administrator with questions about completing the application forms and other required information for your application or to schedule a pre-application meeting.

Application packages should consist of two (2) paper copies and one (1) electronic copy addressed to your local regional permit administrator.

Additional information can be found on our application procedures webpage.

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