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Long Pond Conservation Easement Modification

The Department of Environmental Conservation (Department) and JT Granshue Timberland LLC (Landowner) have completed a modification to the conservation easement to allow 15 additional camps to remain on the protected property. The modification was filed with the St. Lawrence County Clerks office on August 30, 2021.


On January 29, 1999, the Department purchased a conservation easement over 18,950 acres from then owners, Long Pond L.L.C. and New River-Franklin, LTD. Under the terms of the 1999 Long Pond Conservation Easement, of the 43 Hunting, Fishing, and Recreation Camps (camps) on the property, six could remain and 37 camps were to be vacated and structures removed on or before February 16, 2015. View the 1999 Conservation Easement (PDF).

The Modification

Prior to the February 16, 2015 camp removal date, Danzer Forestland Inc. ("Danzer"), the successor landowner to Long Pond L.L.C. and New River-Franklin, LTD, made a request to the Department that the conservation easement be modified to allow a small number camps beyond the original six to remain on the property in perpetuity. The Department, Danzer and current owner JT Granshue Timberland LLC negotiated a modification to the conservation easement that would allow 15 camps and associated one-acre camp envelopes to stay in perpetuity. This resulted in the original number of camps being reduced from 43 to 21. The 22 camps which were not part of the modification were removed from the property by the landowner. View the 2021 Conservation Easement modification (PDF).

Conservation Benefit

Pursuant to 6 NYCRR Part 592 (leaves DEC website) of the Department regulations, any modification to a conservation easement must result in a net conservation benefit to the People of the State of New York. In order to satisfy this requirement, Danzer ordered appraisals to determine the full market value of each Camp and it's corresponding one-acre Camp envelope. Once the fair market value for the camps was determined, Danzer collected these funds from each of the 15 camp lease holders and deposited the funds into an escrow account. The funds in the escrow account were disbursed to the Department upon the modification being finalized and executed by all parties. The Department used the proceeds received from JT. Granshue Timberland to purchase a 947-acre parcel to be added to the Adirondack Forest Preserve. This parcel, which has a direct connection to the Long Pond tract via protected conservation easement and forest preserve lands, protects over six miles of the scenic South Branch of the Grass River, provides public recreational opportunities and consolidates portions of the Grass River Wild Forest near the Hamlet of Cranberry Lake.

Public Comment Opportunity

The Department held a 30-day public comment period on the proposed modification from September 19 through October 19, 2018.

Public Comment Summary

Department staff prepared a summary of responses to comments received. View the Summary of Public Comments document (PDF).