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LINAP Technical Resources

Unless labeled as a PDF, most of the documents listed are available for download at the links provided - all links leave the DEC website. In some instances, journal articles may need to be purchased to view the full text.

Receiving Waters and Water Quality

Surface Water

Long Island Sound

Peconic Estuary

South Shore Estuary Reserve

Harmful Algal Blooms (Freshwater and Marine)

Submerged Aquatic Vegetation

Coastal Resilience/Restoration


Drinking Water Aquifers (Magothy and Lloyd)

Sustainability - Recharge and Withdrawals


Groundwater Modeling - Nitrogen Load Models

Nitrogen Sources and Treatments

Wastewater Collection & Treatment

Collection Systems

Centralized and Clustered Systems

Innovative/Alternative Onsite Systems

Cesspools and Septic Systems

Treatment Technologies

Wetland Treatment Systems

Urine Diversion and Processing

Fertilizer Use and Management

Golf Courses


Fertilizer Management

Stormwater Nitrogen Loading & Treatment

Green Infrastructure

Riparian buffers

Groundwater Treatment

Permeable Reactive Barriers

Surface Water Treatment


Nutrient Recycling

Compost and Agricultural Waste


Water Conservation and Reuse

Nitrogen Monitoring and Financing

Remote Monitoring Sensors

Funding and Financing

Nutrient Trading