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LINAP Educational Resources and Fact Sheets

LINAP Fact Sheet

A Fact Sheet has been developed to provide an overview of LINAP, the sources of nitrogen and the impacts on the environment.

Fertilizer Fact Sheets

Fertilizer Fact Sheets have been developed from the information gathered from the workgroup. The purpose of these fact sheets are to give people additional information to help them care for their lawns while considering the environmental impacts. A fact sheet on Fertilizer Application Timing and another on Managing Irrigation are available on the web site.

In addition, the fact sheets are available for download and can be printed for personal and professional use.

Nutrient Bioextraction Fact Sheet

A fact sheet has been developed to provide an overview of the Nutrient Bioextraction Initiative. The fact sheet provides information on the initiative, sources of nutrients and their impacts on water quality, and ongoing project activities.

Children's Activities

Educational activities designed to teach school-age children about nonpoint source pollution!

Recent Articles

The summer 2017 issue of the New York Water Environment Association's (NYWEA) ClearWaters magazine was dedicated to LINAP. Articles by DEC, LIRPC, Nassau and Suffolk counties, consultants, and researchers cover topics such as the LINAP structure, completed and ongoing projects, and new technology. Several of the articles are available for download on NYWEA's webpage, or a complete copy of the magazine can be ordered (a direct link is in the "Links Leaving DEC's Website" section on the right-hand column of this page).