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Oswegatchie Conservation Easement - RMP

The Oswegatchie Conservation Easement is comprised of 16,929 acres in the Towns of Croghan and Diana in Lewis County. Nearby population centers include Carthage/Fort Drum (~30 miles west), Watertown (~40 miles west), Gouverneur (~25 miles to the north), and Lowville (~25 miles to the southwest). The easement includes over 14,000 acres within the Adirondack Park, with the remaining acreage lying west of the Adirondack Park Blue Line. Subject to the conservation easement deed, the Property remains privately owned, though New York State owns rights to permit specific public recreation opportunities on the Property.

Interested in visiting the Oswegatchie Conservation Easement Tract? Please visit the Oswegatchie Conservation Easement recreation page.

Status of the RMP

The Department adopted a Recreation Management Plan (RMP) for the Oswegatchie Conservation Easement in 2019. If you have questions about the RMP, please contact us at

Notable changes include:
* Subject to an annually reviewed temporary revocable permit, Lewis County will be authorized to administer seasonal ATV use on Bald Mountain Road.
* Some alternative snowmobile routes have been relocated.
* A parking area and a foot trail will provide easier access to Deer Pond.

Recreation Management Plan