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Grass River Conservation Easement - RMP

The Grass River Conservation Easement lands lie within the greater Grass River Management Unit, which also includes the Grass River Wild Forest and the Tooley Pond Conservation Easement lands. The area occupies a geologic / ecologic transition zone between the Adirondack Mountains to the southeast and the St. Lawrence River Valley to the north. Most of the lands within the boundary of the Unit are part of the Grass River watershed, thus yielding the name for the overall unit and easement. The 288‐square mile unit is located completely within the Adirondack Park. All watercourses within the area flow into the St. Lawrence River via the Grass and Raquette Rivers.

Interested in visiting the Grass River Conservation Easement Tract? Please visit the Grass River Complex recreation page.

Status of the RMP

The Department adopted a recreation management plan (RMP) for the Grass River Conservation Easement in 2019. If you have questions about the RMP, please e-mail us at

Recreation Management Plan