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St. Lawrence Rock Ridge Planning Unit

St. Lawrence Rock Ridge Management Unit

The 21,542-acre St. Lawrence Rock Ridge planning unit consists of 15 state forests, and 9 Detached Forest Preserve parcels.

Public Comment

The UMP process consists of several steps: create detailed maps of the unit; inventory the wildlife and natural resources found on the unit; map the current infrastructure and proposed new facilities; and plan future management actions and public use.

Any individual or group who would like to provide comments on the future management of this unit can contact NYSDEC, 6739 U.S. Highway 11, Potsdam, NY 13676 or email:

Background Information

A stream runs through the woods
Stammer Creek

The unit is located in a broad area of southwestern St. Lawrence County and northeastern Lewis County, generally west of Fine and south of Ogdensburg. The state forests cover 20,981 acres, located in the towns of Depeyster, Edwards, Fowler, Gouverneur, Hammond, Hermon, Macomb, Pitcairn, and Rossie in St. Lawrence County. The Detached Forest Preserve parcels cover 561 acres, located in the towns of DeKalb, Depeyster, Gouverneur, and Pitcairn in St. Lawrence County and the town of Diana in Lewis County.

St. Lawrence Rock Ridge Unit spans three very different ecoregions. Most of the unit is located within the Great Lakes ecoregion. This area was glaciated during the last Ice Age, and is characterized by level lake plains, gently rolling lowlands, and hilly upland areas. In New York, this ecoregion was typified by tall grass prairies and savannas, with some beech-maple and other hardwood forests intermixed. The eastern edge of the unit falls within the St. Lawrence - Champlain Valley ecoregion which drains into the St. Lawrence River. The topography is very flat with large wetland complexes spread across the landscape. The outermost portion of the unit falls within the Northern Appalachian - Acadian ecoregion, which contains more mountainous topography and boreal vegetation such as balsam fir and red spruce.

The State Forests in this unit are managed for a variety of uses including timber management, watershed protection, recreation, and wildlife habitat.

Also included in this unit are 9 parcels of Detached Forest Preserve, which are properties classified as Forest Preserve but located outside the Catskill or Adirondack Park boundaries. These properties range in size from 2.5 to 164 acres. They are not managed for timber production and have relatively poor access with no developed trails or facilities, but do provide ample wildlife habitat and watershed protection values. These detached forest preserve parcels were owned by the state before the Adirondack Park was created and were in Forest Preserve counties where forested lands acquired by the state became Forest Preserve lands. Eventually the Adirondack Park Blue Line was established, within which state lands acquired would become Forest Preserve, while outside new acquisitions would become other categories of DEC lands such as state forests or wildlife management areas.

The following properties are included in this unit:

St. Lawrence Rock Ridge location map
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