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Hut-to-Hut Trail Plan

The purpose of this plan was to design a conceptual destination-trail system that will provide a four-season, hut-to-hut recreation experience and link communities in the five Adirondack Towns of Long Lake, North Hudson, Newcomb, Indian Lake, and Minerva (Five Towns).

This project grew out of the Adirondack Community-based Trails and Lodging System initiative (ACTLS), an ongoing project funded by the NYS Department of State. The Five Towns project, funded through the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, seeks to build on the ACTLS initiative by providing "fast track" recommendations for destination trails in the Five Towns.

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Conceptual Plan for a Hut-to-Hut Destination-based Trail System - PDF (7.1 MB) - This is a large file and may take a long time to download. As an alternative, you may download specific sections below.

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