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2019 Community Smart Growth Grants

The 2019 grant application period is now closed.

DEC, in cooperation with the Department of State and Adirondack Park Agency, is soliciting smart growth grant applications from Adirondack Park and Catskill Park communities and organizations. DEC seeks proposals for capital projects and community development initiatives that link environmental protection, economic development and community livability within the special conditions of the parks.

Grants will support comprehensive planning and implementation of key projects, actions and strategies identified in local plans developed by Park communities in pursuit of smart growth. Projects submitted must be consistent with the Smart Growth principles outlined in the application package. State assistance may fund up to 100 percent of approved project-related costs.

The two parks have separate applications:

Adirondack Park Community Smart Growth Grants: DEC anticipates approximately $1,050,000 in funding will be made available from the Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) for Adirondack Park projects.

Catskill Park Community Smart Growth Grants: DEC anticipates approximately $400,000 in funding will be made available from the Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) for Catskill Park projects.


Applications will be accepted via the New York State Grants Gateway. Paper application submissions will not be accepted.

IMPORTANT: It will take time to get set up in the Grants Gateway system and to navigate the application forms. Please begin as soon as possible. Detailed instructions for Grants Gateway registration and not-for-profit pre-qualification are found at the Grants Management Website (leaves DEC website), along with a Vendor User Manual (leaves DEC website).

Apply online through the New York State Grants Gateway (leaves DEC website). The application deadline for both parks was 3:00 pm on Friday, June 7, 2019.

View the Request for Applications (RFA) for each park for more information. the RFA can also be found in the grants gateway under the following grant opportunity identification numbers:

Adirondack Park: DEC01-SGADK-2019
Catskill Park: DEC01-CSG-2019

For additional questions on the application process or the eligibility of your grant application, please call DEC's Smart Growth Grant Program at (518) 402-9405 or email the program.


The program orientation and "how-to" webinar for interested grant applicants was completed on Thursday, May 2 at 2:00pm.

To access the recorded webinar:

  1. Go to (leaves DEC website)
    1. The first 1:07:08 (just over an hour) provides program orientation
    2. The "How-To" technical assistance portion begins at 1:07:09
    3. Once in YouTube, Click SHOW MORE to see links to timestamps within the video.

Responses to Applicant Questions

Applicant's questions and comments were accepted until COB May 24, 2019. View the questions and answers (PDF) that have been posted in the Grants Gateway for review by all applicants.