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Cattaraugus Unit State Forests

State Forests Within the Unit

The Cattaraugus Management Unit covers a group of state forests located in Cattaraugus County. The Unit Management Plan (UMP) encompasses 30,118 acres in the Cattaraugus County towns of South Valley, Randolph, Mansfield, Little Valley, Allegany, Great Valley, Carrollton, Farmersville, Lyndon, Machias, Humphrey, Franklinville, Napoli, Salamanca, and New Albion. 20 state forests are contained within this management plan, listed under 17 different names: Bear Creek State Forest, Boyce Hill State Forest, Bryant Hill State Forest, Bucktooth State Forest, Bush Hill State Forest, Cattaraugus State Forest, Elkdale State Forest, Dobbins State Forest, Farmersville State Forest, Golden Hill State Forest, Nine Mile State Forest, Pine Hill State Forest, Raecher Hill State Forest, Rock City and McCarty Hill State Forest, South Valley State Forest, and Windfall Creek State Forest. County town roads provide access to portions of the above state forests.

Facilities Not Included in this UMP

Cattaraugus County Wildlife Management Areas (WMA) including: Allegheny Reservoir WMA, Conewango Swamp WMA and Harwood Lake MUA are not included in this plan. A separate management plan will be developed for WMAs in Cattaraugus County. Fishing Access Sites are also not included in this plan: Case Lake, Harwood Lake, and New Albion Lake. The Zoar Valley Multiple Use and Unique Area as well as East Otto State Forest are covered in a separate management plan.

2015 Draft UMP Digital Documents

A Draft UMP is available for public review. The public is invited to submit input on the draft plan that will guide future management of these unique state forest lands in Cattaraugus County and provide for healthy, sustainable and biologically diverse forest ecosystems. All comments must be received by March 27, 2015. Public input received will be used as DEC works to finalize a UMP for the Cattaraugus State Forests Unit.

The Cattaraugus Unit State Forests UMP and accompanying maps can be viewed and downloaded as PDFs.

Please note: Some of these are very large documents. Only print them if you really need to, and only those sections that you need. Double side all printing and copying jobs. For every ton of office paper use avoided, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by more than 8 metric tons.

  1. 2015 Draft Cattaraugus Unit State Forests UMP (Document 1 of 4) (211 page PDF, 3.03 MB)
  2. 2015 Draft Cattaraugus Unit State Forests UMP - Maps (Document 2 of 4) (52 page PDF, 3.40 MB)
  3. 2015 Draft Cattaraugus Unit State Forests UMP - Special Management Zones Maps (Document 3 of 4) (42 page PDF, 4.24 MB)
  4. 2015 Draft Cattaraugus Unit State Forests UMP - Soils Maps (Document 4 of 4) (42 page PDF, 4.18 MB)

How to Submit Comments

Public input on the draft UMP is invited at an upcoming open house. The open house will be held:

March 12, 2015
9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
NYS DEC Allegany Office
182 E. Union, Suite 3
Allegany, NY 14706
(716) 372-0645

In addition to the open house, public input can also be contributed by mail or email.

David Paradowski
182 E. Union, Suite 3
Allegany, NY 14706
(716) 372-0645

Getting There

This management area can easily be accessed from the north or south by US Route 219 between Ellicottville and NYS Route 417 in Salamanca. Interstate 86 provides a sufficient access route running east to west from NYS Route 394 in Randolph to NYS Route 16 Hinsdale. NYS Route 242 runs northeast along many state forests from NYS Route 394 in Randolph to NYS Route 16 in Machias.


For the next 10 years, DEC hopes to provide active forest management practices to the Cattaraugus Unit State Forests by:

  • Maintaining soil and water protection;
  • Protecting at-risk species and natural communities;
  • Maintaining and improving visual resources and aesthetics;
  • Preserving historic and cultural resources;
  • Conducting boundary line maintenance;
  • Providing and maintaining infrastructure;
  • Minimizing universal access;
  • Considering and collaborating formal and informal partnerships and agreements;
  • Accommodating, providing and enhancing recreational opportunities;
  • Enhancing off-highway and all-terrain vehicle use for those with disabilities;
  • Exploring and developing mineral resources exploration while minimizing impact to environment;
  • Helping support local communities;
  • Educating about and sustaining forest products;
  • Carrying out proper plantation management practices;
  • Managing deer impacts;
  • Conducting proper fire management; and
  • Maintaining carbon sequestration within our state forests while keeping forests at healthy and diverse ecosystem levels.

New Recreational Opportunities

Recreation is a major component of planning for the sustainable use of State Forests on this unit. DEC accommodates diverse pursuits such as snowmobiling, horseback riding, hunting, trapping, fishing, picnicking, cross‐country skiing, snowshoeing, bird watching, geocaching, mountain biking and hiking. Outdoor recreation opportunities are an important factor in quality of life. We often learn to appreciate and understand nature by participating in these activities. However, repeated use of the land for recreational purposes can have significant impacts. For further discussion of recreational issues and policies, please see SPSFM page 187. Recreational maps and geographic data are available at DEC's Mapping Gateway in Google format. Please refer to the New York State Register and Official Compilation of Codes, Rules and Regulations (NYCRR) of the State of New York (link leaves DEC's website) - Title 6, Chapter II, (6 NYCRR 190) for general rules and regulations and definitions.

Associated UMPs

The Nine Mile State Forest UMP (PDF, 200 KB), which originally contained Nine Mile State Forest and Windfall Creek State Forest, has been combined with the Cattaraugus UMP for the 10-year update.

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