The Navigator Graphical User Interface

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Below is a sample illustration of the Navigator. To find out what the buttons and lists do, move the mouse around the map. Wherever it turns into a hand, hold the mouse still for a brief description of what the tool does.

Image of DEC Navigator Map
The Overview Map displays current location relative to the entire state of New York. The Interactive Tool Dropdown Menu contains tools that are first selected and then used interactively by clicking on the map. The Previous View Button returns you to the previous view. View Entire State displays the entire state of New York. The Search Button opens up a search dialogue box in which you can perform searches on various layers in the map. Clear Selection clears items displayed on the map by various tools. The Print button allows you to create a map of your current view. The Help button opens the Help Pages. The Mapframe displays the map and changes as you use the Navigator's tools. This link returns you to the Navigator Homepage. This link allows you to send comments or questions to the Environmental Navigator team. The Active Layer selection menu enables you to make a layer 'active' which enables the 'Identify' in the Interactive Tool Dropdown Menu to work on that layer. The Refresh button refreshes the map after you change the visibility of layer or layers. The Map Layers list shows the layers in the view. Each layer has a check box next to it that allows you to control it's visibility. The Map Legend displays a key to the symbols used to represent layers on the map. The Text frame displays the results returned when you use the Search or Identify tools.

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