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Measurements of the Hudson River Estuary's Sedimentary Floor

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Geographic context is key to understanding the significance of environmental data. Benthic Mapper displays data about the Hudson River's sedimentary floor in its geographic context. Benthic Mapper's data and maps are valuable for understanding, managing and restoring estuary habitats, for responding to environmental incidents, and for understanding sediment and contaminant transport.

Benthic Mapper includes an interactive viewer with tools that allow users to:

Use the links to the Information to find explanations of the data. The Viewer links describe the displays and how to use Benthic Mapper's tools.

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About Layers

Benthic Mapper uses the term layer to denote a collection of related and mappable data maintained in a data base. Benthic Mapper uses two types of layers:

  1. Data Layers - actual measurements (acoustic, radar and sediment)
  2. Interpretive Layers - features of the river bottom revealed by interpreting measurement data.

Benthic Mapper displays data and interpretive layers in interactive map format. Users can combine data and interpretive layers and view supplementary detail tables about some features that appear on the map.

Why Benthic Mapper?

With the gross pollution of the Hudson River now largely cleaned up, resources damaged by decades of pollution must be repaired and the ecosystem maintained for the future. Benthic Mapper is a publicly-available tool that will help create the detailed understanding of subsurface features critical to effective management of this rich and complex resource.

Studying a river from its surface reveals little more about underwater features and dynamics than an airplane flight above the clouds shows of mountains, roads and human movements on the earth's surface. To picture for the first time the subsurface world of the Hudson River, the Benthic Mapping Project is conducting systematic underwater measurements, displayed through Benthic Mapper's Data Layers. Expert interpretations of the measurements are revealing additional subsurface features, displayed as the Interpretive Layers.

Both types of layers contain information conducive to understanding the river's biological dynamics. Combining layers reveals where features coincide, suggesting causal relationships and origins of features.

Accessibility Information

If you use a screen reader, the Benthic Mapper will not be accessible to you. To get information about the Hudson River that is presented in Benthic Mapper, please call or email Betsy Blair at the Hudson River Estuary Program, (845)758-7010.

For information about individual sites, please send a Freedom of Information Request to:
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