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Glodes Corners Road Field (Columbia NR) - Commissioner Ruling, July 12, 2000

Commissioner Ruling, July 12, 2000


In the Matter

- of -

a joint motion to update Exhibit A and extend filing date established in a prior Decision and Order
concerning necessity for and the order of field-wide well spacing rules and the integration
of interests pursuant to Environmental Conservation Law (ECL) §§23-0501
and 23-0901 for the GLODES CORNERS ROAD FIELD Steuben County, New York

File No.: DMN 99-1


John P. Cahill, Commissioner


On June 23, 2000 Columbia Natural Resources, Inc., ("CNR") and the Department of Environmental Conservation ("Staff") jointly moved for authorization to adjust two procedural filing requirements related to and/or arising from my prior May 30, 2000 Decision and Order in the captioned matter. CNR and DEC now move to 1) authorize the updating and resultant modification of Exhibit A referred to in the prior Order, and 2) extend the time for filing of the prior Order in the offices of the County Clerk of Steuben County and the demonstration of proof of such filing to DEC's Division of Mineral Resources from 30 days from the effective date of the Decision and Order to August 31, 2000.

As more fully specified in the joint motion, an extension of time is needed for updating information required by the prior Order and to allow sufficient time for the proper filing to take place. A copy of the joint motion is attached herein for reference.

I grant the joint motion. It is clear the issues are ministerial in nature and are limited to updating landowner information and filing such with the necessary entities. Such information does not change the substance of my prior May 30, 2000 Decision and Order. This Ruling is hereby appended to that prior Decision and Order for reference.

For the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
By: John P. Cahill, Commissioner
Albany, New York

Dated: July 12, 2000

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