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[VID] 6-15-22 ADK Outdoors Night Pachan and SB.MOV 5.3M [VID] Ausable River Kayak Patrol.MOV 84M [VID] Big Knife Fire,_Ranger Chuck Kabrehl.mp4 165M [VID] Bucket training on Lake Clear 1.MOV 51M [VID] Bucket training on Lake Clear 2.MOV 62M [VID] Buckskin Two Fire_David Nally.mp4 143M [VID] Buckskin Two Fire_Ranger Scott Sabo.mp4 168M [DIR] ColdenTrapDike/ - [VID] FRHicks_ColorGuard_Islanders.MOV 12M [VID] FR_HoistTraining_LakeClear_2172.MOV 40M [VID] HamlinRescue_01.mp4 148M [VID] 16M [VID] Helicopter_Sling_Load_Operation.MOV 6.0M [VID] 20M [VID] Interview_RangerEvans_MarcyRescue.mp4 104M [VID] JohnsBrookTrailRescue.MOV 37M [VID] LoseesHillFire 1.MP4 599M [VID] LoseesHillFire 2.MP4 660M [VID] Lt.ScottJacksonBurnBanReminder.mp4 291M [VID] Mamakating Fire.MOV 2.0M [VID] MountBeaconHoistTraining.MOV 358M [VID] MudSeasonSoundbiteRangerPeterEvans.mp4 11M [VID] NYSDEC_BurnBanBRoll_2023.mp4 93M [VID] NYSDEC_BurnBanPresser_2023.mp4 751M [VID] Napanoch Fire Bucket Drop.MOV 2.2M [VID] Napanoch Fire bucket drop wide shot.MOV 39M [VID] Naponach Fire Video 8-29-22 at 1410.MOV 1.9M [VID] PrescribedFireRiverhead.MOV 164M [VID] Ranger O'Connor & Jude Kennan Interviews.mp4 88M [VID] RangerJeremyOldroydClips.mp4 928M [VID] RangerQuinnOnFireRescue.mp4 220M [VID] Rangers rescue hiker with hip injury 2.8M [VID] Richmondville-Fire .mov 12M [VID] Ridge Creek Fire Ranger Bryan Gallagher.mp4 110M [VID] Ridge Creek Fire Ranger Robbi Mecus.mp4 124M [VID] Round Hill Fire, Town of Blooming Grove.MOV 16M [VID] Shinhollow Fire-Town of Deer Park.mp4 483M [VID] Swiftwater Rescue in North Elba.MOV 28M [VID] Wanoksink Fire.MP4 1.1G [VID] Wittenberg Mountain Hoist 380M [VID] 18M [VID] swiftwater rescue training 1.MP4 2.6G [VID] swiftwater rescue training 2.MP4 1.2G [VID] swiftwater rescue training 3.MP4 753M