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What is NY doing about Climate Change?

Plans and Programs

New York State has several programs and policies that will lower energy use, reduce heat-trapping greenhouse gas emissions, and prepare for unavoidable climate change. Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has strengthened these programs with strategic statewide plans and legislation to improve New York's resilience and adaptive capacity.

A representative from DEC speaking about Climate Change

Statewide Climate Planning

Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (leaves DEC website)

Climate Risk and Resiliency Act - By the 2050s, sea level is expected to be as much as 30 inches (2.5 feet) higher in New York's coastal area. By 2100, New York's coast could see up to 6 feet of sea-level rise. New York is very vulnerable to the impacts of sea-level rise, including storm surge and coastal flooding. In 2014, Governor Cuomo signed the Community Risk and Resiliency Act (CRRA) to ensure that applicants for specific permits or funding demonstrate that future climate risks due to sea-level rise, storm surge, and flooding have been considered, and have been incorporated into certain facility-siting regulations. CRRA also requires New York to develop regulations establishing official projections of sea-level rise.

Climate Smart Communities (leaves DEC website) - A multi-agency program that helps local governments take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to a changing climate.

New York State Energy Plan (leaves DEC website) - Vision for New York's energy future that connects a vibrant private sector market with communities and individual customers to create an affordable, reliable, resilient, and dynamic clean energy economy.

Charge NY (leaves DEC website) - Initiative aiming to create a statewide network of up to 3,000 public and workplace charging stations and to put up to 40,000 plug-in vehicles on the road during the next five years.

Transportation and Climate Initiative (leaves DEC website) - A regional collaboration that seeks to develop the clean energy economy, reduce oil dependence, and advance greenhouse gas reduction strategies in the transportation sector.

Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Reduction

Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) (leaves DEC website) - Regional cap-and-invest program to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide from electric power generating facilities and help support adoption of clean energy practices.

Build Smart NY (leaves DEC website) - Executive Order 88 to improve energy efficiency in state buildings 20 percent by 2020, by measuring building energy performance in all state buildings larger than 20,000 square feet and targeting the largest and poorest performing buildings for energy audits, efficiency upgrades, and best operations and maintenance practices. The related Five Cities Master Planning Project (leaves DEC website)seeks public input on ways to improve energy planning and coordination, energy distribution and supply, energy efficiency in buildings and transportation.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (leaves DEC website) - Sets efficiency standards and provides funds for acquiring renewable energy and/or renewable energy attributes and helping New York State achieve its renewable energy target.

NY Sun (leaves DEC website) - Dynamic public-private partnership that will drive growth in the solar industry and make solar technology more affordable for all New Yorkers.

Renewable Heat NY (leaves DEC website) - Supports the installation of high-efficiency, low emission wood heating technology for residential, municipal, and commercial buildings. These advanced technology heating systems enable consumers to use local wood pellets and cordwood as fuel in a cleaner way.

Small Wind Turbine Program (leaves DEC website) - Provides support for installing small wind turbines in size up to 2 MW per site.