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Underground Gas Storage Summary

Underground Gas Storage

Natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) are stored underground to help meet seasonal and peak demand for gas while providing a relatively stable market for produced gas. Generally, gas is injected into wells when consumer demand is low, and withdrawn when demand increases during times of peak usage over days or seasons. Natural gas is stored in New York in depleted gas reservoirs and salt caverns while LPG is stored in salt caverns and a mined underground cavern.


There are 27 natural gas storage facilities and 3 LPG storage facilities in New York, concentrated in the central and western regions near both gas production fields and gas transmission facilities.

Natural Gas Storage

  • Natural gas injection/withdrawal and monitoring/observation wells: 954
  • Total storage capacity: 245.0 bcf
  • Utilization: 70.7 bcf injected, 87.3 bcf withdrawn
  • Maximum daily deliverability: 2.76 bcf
  • Working gas capacity: 130.3 bcf
  • Storage at year-end: 187.3 bcf
  • Storage capacity in use at year-end: 76%

Seven different companies operate the 27 underground natural gas storage fields in New York State, with over half of the storage fields operated by National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation. Depleted natural gas reservoirs in the Onondaga, Oriskany and Medina Formations are used by 26 of the facilities, and the remaining one uses a solution-mined cavern in the Syracuse Formation. These formations range in depth from 1,500 to 5,000 feet below the earth's surface.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Storage

  • LPG injection/withdrawal wells: 13
  • Total Storage Capacity: 168.7 million gallons
  • Utilization: 197.0 million gallons injected, 245.0 million gallons withdrawn

New York's three LPG underground storage facilities are located in Cortland, Steuben, and Schuyler counties. Finger Lakes LPG Storage, LLC is the operator of the facility in Steuben County and Enterprise Products Operating, LLC is the operator of the facilities in Cortland and Schuyler counties.

map showing underground storage and solution mining fields in 2011 including solution mining, lpg storage and natural gas storage
Map of underground gas storage and solution mining fields.
Click on the map for a larger image.

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