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Well Plugging

Well Plugging Permit Requirements for Oil, Gas and Solution Salt Mining

Permit to Plug and Abandon

A well may be permanently plugged and abandoned by owner/operator decision or as required by state regulation. Issuance of a Permit to Plug and Abandon by the Department is required prior to the commencement of plugging operations. The owner/operator must submit "A Notice of Intention to Plug and Abandon" to the appropriate Division of Mineral Resources regional office.

The permit grants the owner/operator permission to conduct plugging and abandonment operations.

The permit requires the owner/operator to provide timely notification to have a state representative present to observe the plugging operations.

All well owners plugging wells under permits issued by the Division of Mineral Resources must use a plugging contractor that is registered with the Division. A listing of registered well plugging contractors and drilling contractors can be obtained from the Oil and Gas searchable database.

Notice of Intention to Plug and Abandon

A well owner must submit this form in order to receive a permit to plug and abandon any regulated well. Information about the proposed plugging program provided on this form allows the Division to ensure that the well will be adequately plugged to protect ground water resources from contamination by oil, gas or salt water.

Well Plugging Report

All well owners must submit a completed form within 30 days after the plugging of any well. Together with observations made during site inspections by Division staff, the information provided on this form allows Division staff to verify that the well owner protected ground water resources by complying with the approved plugging program. This form is an important record of the final condition of the abandoned wellbore.