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Downloadable Well Data

The Division of Mineral Resources maintains a data management system on wells regulated under the Oil, Gas and Solution Mining Law (OGSML) To assist the Division in the regulation of wells subject to the OGSML, a database of the wells was created in the early 1980's and significantly upgraded in 1998 by the adoption of the Risk Based Data Management System. This is primarily a regulatory database. All of this data is created and maintained for the use of the Division and as such is covered by a disclaimer regarding the use of this data.

Searchable On-Line Database

The Division of Mineral Resources maintains computerized information on over 40,000 wells. The majority of this information and data is available on-line through the Oil and Gas Searchable Database. This system provides information on well ownership, well owners and operators, registered driller, pluggers and companies that provide financial security instruments. Information on well production as wells as commencement of operations, locations, depths. Downloads from this system should be limited to roughly 800 records. If you attempt to download the entire database the system will time out. Standard report including registered operators, pluggers and drillers are available as wells a popular 90 day look back on issued drilling permits.

Mapping Application

The Division of Mineral Resources offers an on-line mapping application of the wells and mines in our database. The locations are updated nightly and contains more than 40,000 wells and over 4500 mines. This is an older data set and does not contain well permit applications only issued permits and drilled wells.

Well Data Files in CSV Format

Notice: As of 10/22/2013 the Divisions publicly available dataset of wells will be provided in .csv format in place of dBASE (.dbf) formatting. This format is compatible with MS Excel, ESRI ArcGIS, and most database management software (e.g. SQL, Oracle, etc.) Please remit any questions regarding this change in format to

The Division of Mineral Resources offers a zipped file in Comma Separated Values format (.csv). The zipped file includes all the wells (2.20 MB) in the State. This file is updated nightly. This file should be saved to your local computer and opened using an "unzip" program. There will be two files; wellspublic.csv (which can be opened with excel or a database program) and OilandGasMetadata.html (the metadata). If you are looking to download the entire database (~40,000 wells) you should use this system. This is the same dataset as the information offered in the searchable database. Once downloaded, this system can be easily updated and kept current. You can update your personal database by going to the searchable online database and querying all wells with a 'Last Modified Date' greater than the date of your most recent update. Export that file to .csv format and add the data from the downloaded file to your database.

Geospatial Well Information

The latitude and longitude are in the NAD83 datum. Longitudinal values are negative (-) to reflect the correct geographical coordinate quadrant. An example for decimal longitude: -73.23541 , longitude in degs., mins., secs. -735230. Not all wells been field verified but should be within 100 meters of the actual well location. The data should not be used for precise determination of distances to buildings, property boundaries or other features. It is most useful for determining general locations of wells. Please review the disclaimer on the data provided by the NYSDEC Divison of Mineral Resources.

More about Downloadable Well Data:

  • Instructions for Using the On Line Searchable Database - Instructions for Using the On-Line Searchable Database to Locate Drilling Applications
  • Documentation on Data Files - The accompanying file, welldos.exe, consists of data from the Division of Mineral Resources Oil and Gas database. It includes selected records, in the database, of wells that have been drilled. Some well records contain confidential information which has been removed.
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