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Data on Oil, Gas and Other Wells in New York State

The following resources exist for public access to information and data regarding oil, gas and other well types in New York State:

The Division of Mineral Resources' maintains Downloadable Well Data which includes an on-line Oil and Gas Searchable Database and an on-line mapping application. The searchable database provides information on well types, locations and depths, permitting and drilling history, ownership, and annual production, as well as information regarding well operators, drillers, pluggers, and those companies that offer financial security services. Another source for oil and gas data is the Division's 2016 Annual Report on New York's Oil, Gas and Mineral Resources. The Annual Report includes information and statistics such as the number of oil & gas permits and completions, production and market data including leading producing companies and counties, state leasing, revenues and financial security. Division staff's technical and informational presentations on NY's oil, gas and solution mining activities and related geology may also be of interest as many of the reports contain information on historical operations.

The Empire State Organized Geologic Information System (ESOGIS), is another searchable online database of information pertaining to the Oil & Gas wells of New York State (NYS). It provides the public with access to well-specific information including well locations, production graphs, and digital well logs. The public can also obtain other well-related records via ESOGIS, including raster logs, smart well logs, and other electronic files (consisting of completion reports, permits, well plats, etc.) at per datum pricing. ESOGIS also has collection of cores from over 400 wells across the state which are available for sampling and viewing upon request. Some of the core images are available in the ESOGIS Virtual Core Library as well. For more information regarding the data available through ESOGIS, please contact the ESOGIS Database Manager at the NYS Museum at (518) 473-9988.

The ESOGIS website also contains several oil and gas-related research publications authored by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). In particular, its 2007 publication "New York's Natural Gas and Oil Resource Endowment: Past, Present and Potential," offers an overview of oil and gas potential in New York.

Another source of information about New York's mineral resources is the New York State Geological Survey (NYSGS) at the State Museum in Albany, where many geological records and maps are on file, along with the world's oldest and largest collection of New York rocks and minerals, and an extensive list of geological publications. Many NYSGS and other geological publications and maps may be obtained through the State Museum.

Well information that is not available through the Department's website, or for which paper copies are preferred, may be requested by submitting a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request to the Department. Records responsive to any such request will then be made available for review at a DEC office, or available for photocopying at a charge of 25 cents per page. Please visit the FOIL webpage for further details regarding such requests.

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  • Downloadable Oil & Gas Production Data - New York State oil and gas production data.
  • Well Data Confidentiality - Certain data filed with the Division of Mineral Resources are held confidential according to Section 23-0313 of the Oil, Gas and Solution Mining Law and Section 87-2 of the New York State Public Officers Law.
  • Downloadable Well Data - Electronic information, data and mapping applications related to the Oil, Gas and Solution Mining Regulatory program.