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  • Well Operator Responsibilities - Forms, reports, and requests operators must submit to DEC in order to comply with regulations during well operatorship.
  • Oil, Gas and Solution Mining Laws, Rules and Regulations - Rules and Regulations for Oil, Gas and Solution Mining - 6 NYCRR Parts 550 - 559, Division of Mineral Resources.
  • Regulated Well Types - Section 23-0102 states that Article 23 of the Environmental Conservation Law shall be known and may be cited as the oil, gas and solution mining law. However, this short title, or nickname, should not be construed as a complete list of well types covered by the law.
  • Forms for the Oil, Gas and Solution Salt Mining Regulatory Program - Paperwork and reporting requirements for wells regulated by the Division of Mineral Resources under the Oil, Gas and Solution Mining Law.
  • Well Permit Application Process - How to obtain a well permit from the Department's Division of Mineral Resources; how to submit an electronic application to drill, deepen or plug back a well subject to Article 23 of the ECL.
  • Designing and Drilling Your Well - This section will allow the user to review the Rules & Regulations and guidelines that are applicable to the wells regulated by the NYSDEC Division of Mineral Resources.
  • Underground Gas Storage - No underground reservoir shall be devoted to the storage of gas, liquefied petroleum gas, oil, petroleum products or petroleum byproducts unless the prospective operator of such storage reservoir shall have received from the Department, after approval in writing from the State Geologist, an underground storage permit which shall be in full force.
  • Technical Guidance Memoranda - This page provides links to Technical Guidance Memoranda relating to oil and gas well drilling in New York State.
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