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How to Use the ENB

The ENB is the official notice bulletin of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). Published in the ENB you will find notices of complete applications for environmental permits administered under the Uniform Procedures Act (UPA), Article 70 of the Environmental Conservation Law (ECL) and notices produced by state and local agencies for activities that are being reviewed under the State Environmental Quality Review Act (Article 8, ECL). You will also find notices of: DEC hearings, proposed and adopted changes to DEC policy, technical guidance and regulations and an assortment of other environmental notices.

Using the ENB

Notices in the ENB are organized geographically using the 9 DEC regions as the framework. For example, a notice for an activity located in the Town of Colonie would be found in the Albany County listing under the DEC Region 4 header. Activities such as regulatory changes that would affect the entire state would be listed in the statewide section. The statewide section appears before the individual regional sections. If you need to find out what DEC region covers your municipality, go to the DEC regional offices web page.

Notices of Complete Application

The first notices in any regional listing are the notices of complete application under UPA. You will find the project applicant name, the date of the filing, its geographic location and the DEC permits listed. The full notice including the description of the activity and the name of the DEC project manager that can be contacted for additional information can be obtained by clicking on the identified link. (Notices for projects under the review of the Adirondack Park Agency and the Lake George Park Commission can be found in the "SEQR and Other Notices" listing for DEC Regions 5 and 6).

SEQR and Other Notices

Following the UPA notices will be the notices for activities being reviewed under the State Environmental Quality Review process and other environmental notices. Clicking on this link will reveal all of the other notices which have been received for publication. These notices are organized by the type of notice and geographically. For example, all of the negative declarations for Albany County will be listed followed by any negative declarations for Columbia County. In a similar fashion any conditioned negative declarations, notices of completion of draft and final EISs and public hearings will follow. The individual that can be contacted for additional information will be identified at the end of each notice.

Application Review and Comment

The complete file for each project application (application forms, maps, photos, plans, etc.) may be reviewed during normal business hours at the designated office indicated and identified in the notice. Information may also be obtained by contacting the office by telephone.

Responses to a notice listed in this bulletin may be made to the appropriate office by filing a written statement outlining, in detail, specific areas of concern, support for the project or grounds for objection on or before the last filing date indicated. Written comments or objections must include the applicant's name, the location of proposed project and the project application number.


A public hearing may be scheduled based upon the nature and scope of any objections raised to a proposed project. Hearings are noticed in this bulletin and local newspaper(s) and such notices contain instructions on filing for party status and submitting comments. Hearings are of two types- adjudicatory and legislative.

Adjudicatory hearings are initiated when substantive objections are raised which would result in project denial or project modification unacceptable to the applicant. Sworn testimony, cross examination and exhibits are all components of an adjudicatory hearing. If objections to a proposed project are withdrawn or resolved, a scheduled hearing may be canceled.

Legislative hearings are for taking unsworn public comments. They are scheduled depending upon both expected degree of public interest in a particular project and public comments already received. They may be scheduled as part of an adjudicatory hearing or separately on their own. No prior filings are necessary in order to submit comments.

How to View Past Issues of the ENB

The ENB became available on this site with the publication of the November 10, 1999 issue. Past issues that are available in an electronic format are listed by date of publication. Issues of the ENB before the November 10, 1999 issue are not available in an electronic format. For information about these earlier issues please contact the ENB through any of the means listed below.

How to Submit Notices to the ENB

Submissions for publication in the ENB are due in to the ENB by close of business Wednesday for publication in the following week's issue. The preferred manner of submission is by e-mail. Notices should be sent to Notices may also be sent to ENB, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, 625 Broadway, 4th floor, Albany, NY 12233-1750. An ENB SEQRA Notice Publication form (PDF) (72 KB) has been provided for your use. Faxes will not be accepted. If you have any questions, you can also contact the ENB at 518-402-9167.