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Nature Activities

Heading outside? Print one or more of these activity and information sheets and take them with you the next time you go exploring.

If you see words you don't understand in these guides, you can look up the definition here:
Words beginning with A - H (PDF) (74 KB)
Words beginning with I - Z (PDF) (74 KB)

Outdoor Observations & Journaling

Keep a record of the things you see, hear, smell and feel while you're exploring

A portion of a sensory bingo sheet that is played outdoors
Try a BINGO game that you play outside
using your eyes, ears and nose.

Outdoor Bingo and Observation Checklists

Seek and Find Hikes

Take a hike and look for things that match the themes of these recording sheets

All About Animals

An Eastern bluebird perched on a stump
The Eastern bluebird (Photo Jeff




Food Chains

Learn about how energy flows through a food chain and who eats whom

Invasive Species

A snapping turtle laying in the grass
The snapping turtle, the New York
State reptile

State and National Symbols


Rocks and Minerals

A woman cooking a hotdog on a stick over a campfire
Campfires are a lot of fun.
Learn how to use fire safely.

Camping and Stewardship

Climate Change



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