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New York Recycles! Poster Contest 2018 Winners

girl on sidewalk putting cans in recycling bin, children in windows in the background, text reads We Recycle at School It's a GREEN rule

Grades K-3: First Place

Aliza Reiss

North Shore Hebrew Academy

Great Neck, NY

small drawing representing At School, At Work, At Home, and Everywhere cutouts of recyclable materials and recycling signs, text reads NEW YORK RECYCLES

Grades K-3: Second Place

Gargee Gore

Glencliff Elementary School

Rexford, NY

a scene with a tree to the left and a pond. there are animals recycling, text reads nurture nature Don't Litter!

Grades K-3: Third Place

Zachary Burns

West Middle Island Elementary

Middle Island, NY

poster reads Cans, Paper, Glass:Throw: Throw them in the right trash. Plastic too, and The world will thank you! In the middle of the poster there is a can of recyclables that equals a happy earth.

Grades K-3: Runner Up

Chloe Hadid

North Shore Hebrew Academy

Great Neck, NY

in the sky a hand holds a red fruit with a worm coming out of it, below there is a picture of a stream with tree's in a field. People are fishing trash out of the river as well as cleaning up the landscape. the text reads let's pick it up NY

Grades 4-6: First Place

Gloria Hsia

Bayside, NY

arms covered in vines of flowers, fruits, and vegetables reach from the sky, hands scoop a small plant with green leaves from the earth. roots in the ground connect to leftover and discarded food and worms creating compost

Grades 4-6: Second Place

Sara Ashraf

Hicksville Middle School

Hicksville, NY

People are recfyclign in central park, there is a skyline in the background.

Grades 4-6: Third Place

Madison Zhao

Hutchinson School

Pelham, NY

Earth in the middle with a recycling logo, a row of buildings in the background, there is garbage floating in the sky. the text reads Make The world a brighter place

Grades 4-6: Runner Up

Sydney Scozzari

Hicksville Middle School

Hicksville, NY

The text reads Litter - Let's Pick It Up NY over city skyline backdrop. foreground is people cleaning up beach litter

Grades 7-9: First Place

Clara Lam

Stuyvesant High School

New York, NY

Flowers growing out of the ground, vegtables and fruit and leaves buried in the ground. text reads let us celebrate composting. Recycled food waste helps improve soil health!

Grades 7-9: Second Place

Danielle Beechey

Our Lady of Mercy

Rochester, NY

Poster shows the sun, saturn, uranus in the moon with happy faces because they are trash free, the earth is in the foreground holding up a pile of trash unhappy with it's current situation. Text reads Nurture nature don't litter.

Grades 7-9: Third Place

Katherine Barber

Our Lady of Mercy

Rochester, NY

city block with tall buildings and cars on the road. list of recyclables on the bottom. Text over top reads

Grades 7-9: Runner Up

Sydney Laniak

Our Lady of Mercy

Rochester, NY

A fork in the road left is a happy trashcan with litter being put in it, right is a unhappy trashcan with nothing in it with litter on the ground. a sign says Nurture Nature don't litter under it says choose your way

Grade 10-12: First Place

Shira Greenblatt

HAFTR High School

Cedarhurst, NY

shows people serving food in food pantry text reads feed people not landfills.

Grades 10-12: Second Place

Yael Miller

HAFTR High School

Cedarhurst, NY

large recycling symbol in the middle with the text reduce reuse recycle on it, the new york skyline is in the back with the statue of liberty on the left. in the city it reads Trash to treasure.

Grades 10-12: Third Place

Nicole Bernstein

HAFTR High School

Cedarhurst, NY

Flowers being planted in the ground text reads nurture nature don't litter

Special Needs: First Place

Anna Raymond

Seaman Neck Middle School

Seaford, NY

Recycling bin filled with recyclables, the background is made with a stylish hatch pattern with construction paper glued to the paper. text Reads Trash to Treasure

Special Needs: Second Place

Obed Nozius

Seaman Neck Middle School

Seaford, NY

Earth heald up on a pedestal with 4 hands holding it up. text reads Feed people Not landfills

Special Needs: Third Place

Belky Valle

Seaman Neck Middle School

Seaford, NY