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Freon (CFHs)

Cold Air Flow (Pollutant: Freon) Air Villain

FreonTM (CFHs)

Air Villain: "Cold Air" Flo

Status: Busted

Description: (Chemical Compound) FreonTM is a tradename for a series of fluorocarbon and chlorofluorocarbon products.

Crime: When it is released into the atmosphere, FreonTM damages and depletes the atmospheric ozone layer. Since ozone absorbs harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation, the earth loses its natural protection from too much UV radiation when this layer thins, resulting in crop damage and more cases of skin cancer and cataracts.

Cause: FreonTM was used for refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, aerosol propellants, fire extinguishers, cleaning fluids, and solvents, but its use is being eliminated worldwide.