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Kids Only: Have Fun with Clean Air

Air is all around us. We breathe it all day and all night. The air we breathe helps fuel our bodies so we can think, move and play. If the air is dirty or polluted, it may result in runny noses, scratchy eyes, coughing or difficulty breathing. So, help us to keep our air clean!!

You will have fun playing our new Clean Air Fortune Teller Game. Fold it into its unique shape and learn fun facts related to air pollution. Download and print a copy!

Air Villain Cards teach you about air pollution. Click on the icon below to see the original "Dirty Dozen" and eight new Air Villains!

DEC's Dirty Dozen Air Polluting Criminals teach children about air pollution

To learn more about two easy ways you can help to keep the air clean, click on the icons below.

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To learn more about what you can do to help stop climate change, click on the icon below.

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