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Teaching About the Hudson River Estuary

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Seining and Cohotate Preserve
A group of students seine off the beach at Cohotate Preserve

Hudson River Estuary Education Programs

We provide a variety of free education programs to school groups, families, teachers, communities, and the general public. Programs are centered around the ecology and environment of the Hudson River.

Teachers and Educators

Explore Hudson River programs and materials to use with your students and expand your expertise.

Hudson Estuary Jigsaw Puzzle
The program's 21-foot puzzle depicts
the Hudson River Estuary in its entirety.

Community Members and Youth

Get involved in Hudson River stewardship, recreation, and education opportunities in your community.

  • Hudson River Eel Project - Calling all citizen scientists! Helps volunteers collect important data on eels in streams from New York City to Troy.
  • The Great Hudson River Fish Count - Join scientists to discover the diverse and fascinating creatures hidden below the river's surface.
  • Volunteer Opportunities - How can you get involved in environmental stewardship in your community? Keep a fishing diary, help amphibians cross roads, count eels, and plant trees along streams.
  • Hudson River Almanac - Subscribe to this weekly email to read natural history notes from all over the Hudson River area. What birds are out? What fish are being caught? Is there ice on the river? Are there seals or whales in the Hudson?
  • The Institute Discovering Environmental Scientists (TIDES) - Paid summer research opportunity for high school and college students in the Mid-Hudson Valley. For more information email

More about Teaching About the Hudson River Estuary:

  • The Hudson River K-12 Unit of Study - These place-based lessons are designed to help Kindergarten to Grade 7 classes learn about the Hudson while meeting state learning standards in English language arts, math, science, and social studies.