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Using the Hudson River

NYS relief map
The relief map used in the "Rivers Run Though It"

These lessons examine the Hudson Valley's history and geography and how information about animals and other natural resources can be presented geographically via maps.

Rivers Run Through It

Students will interpret and label a relief map to answer questions about distance, direction, and natural features along the Hudson River and in New York State.

Exploring the Hudson in 1609

While listening to or reading sections of Robert Juet's journal of the Half Moon's 1609 voyage up the Hudson, students will integrate English language arts, geography, and mathematics skills in tracing a portion of the voyage on a map. The teacher section suggests three strategies for presenting this lesson, with varying degrees of difficulty. The PDF of the student section linked below is used in the least challenging of the strategies.

Mapping Where Animals Live

Using actual maps from the New York State Amphibian and Reptile Atlas, this lesson asks students to use map-reading skills and knowledge of geography to determine where various species of reptiles and amphibians live.

These Maps Are For The Birds

Similar to "Mapping Where Animals Live" but intended for older students, this lesson shows how biological data can be presented in geographical format using actual New York State Breeding Bird Atlas maps. With data sets collected twenty years apart, students will also explore how and why bird distributions have changed over time.

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