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New York Recycles Poster Contest Theme Background & Ideas!

Theme: New York Recycles!

New York Recycles is our way of promoting recycling and buying recycled in New York State. Events that encourage recycling and buying recycled take place all year. These events lead up to a celebration on November 15th called New York Recycles Day. New York Recycles Day is part of the national event America Recycles Day. Check out our website for more information on New York Recycles!

Suggestions for posters - Show items that can be recycled in New York and/or how to recycle these items. Don't forget items that people might not remember to recycle or know how to recycle, such as clothing, plastic bags, cell phones, and rechargeable batteries! You can also show recycling facts and tips on how to recycle both common and uncommon household items.

Theme: Compost is Hot!

Compost is made from decayed organic matter like leaves, food scraps and plant trimmings. By piling up these materials and ensuring that there is a good amount of water and air, it can heat up to over a 130 degrees, which greatly speeds up the break-down process. The result is compost, a dark, crumbly, and earthy-smelling material that adds nutrients to the soil and helps it keep in moisture. Check our website for more information on composting.

Suggestions for posters - Show what types of materials can be composted and/or what you can do with compost, steam coming from a hot compost pile, how composting helps the environment, or how composting is fun for everyone!

Theme: Reduce Your Use!

Waste reduction is so important that it's the first of the three R's (reduce, reuse, recycle). "Reduce Your Use" means to decrease how much waste (garbage) you create. This also includes reducing how much food you put in the garbage. Examples of how you can reduce how much garbage you create include using fewer single-use or single-serve items, purchasing products with less packaging, eating food items before they go bad or expire, making sure you print double-sided and using reusable containers when you pack your lunch.

Suggestions for posters - Whether you're at home, school or somewhere else, show us how you reduce your use each day and how it helps the environment! Don't forget that waste reduction includes things such as using reusable water bottles and reusable shopping bags, not purchasing more food than what can be eaten before it goes bad, using a lunchbox instead of a disposable bag, using scrap paper to take notes on, using rechargeable batteries and deciding to repair or borrow an item instead of buying something new.

Theme: Recycle Wherever You Go!

Remember that if you've already reduced and reused, it's time to recycle! Just like reducing and reusing, recycling plays an important part in decreasing how much garbage we send to landfills. Recycling breaks down a product or packaging into raw materials. The raw materials are then used to create new items. "Recycling Wherever You Go" means to make sure you use recycling bins whenever possible, wherever you are.

Suggestions for posters - Show us how you recycle wherever you go! This can be at home, school, sporting events, when visiting friends and family, when you're on vacation and even when you're having fun at parks and playgrounds. It's important to always recycle no matter where you are!

Theme: Put Plastics in Their Place

"Put Plastics in Their Place" means making sure that plastics that can be recycled are put in a recycling bin. Many items that we all use every day are made out of plastic. Plastics are helpful to us because they can be durable (don't break easily), lightweight and can be recycled. However, even though it's important to always recycle, many items don't end up being recycled - including items that are made out of plastic. These items can be found littering and polluting the environment, which is unsightly, unappealing and can be hazardous to animals and humans.

Suggestions for posters - Show us why it's important to "Put Plastics in Their Place" and how making sure plastics are put in a recycling bin helps animals, our waterways and makes the environment that we all enjoy a better place.