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Green Chemistry Resources

DEC is providing green chemistry resources to school science teachers who want to reduce the use of toxic and hazardous chemicals in their laboratories. This helps schools save money and reduce risks to students, teachers, school property and the environment. Most links leave the DEC website.

General Information

  • Beyond Benign - webinars, lesson plans, K-12 curricula and higher education green chemistry resources that empower educators, students and the community to practice sustainability through chemistry. They "work directly with educators and a network of strategic partners focused on science education, sustainability, innovation and initiatives supporting human and environmental health to provide an educational continuum from K-12 to higher education with an important community engagement component."
  • EPA National Green Chemistry Website - green chemistry funding opportunities, tools and resources, the Green Chemistry Challenge.
  • American Chemical Society (ACS) Green Chemistry - news and webinars, resources for research and innovation, and materials for students and educators. "The ACS embraces green and sustainable chemistry and engineering as an innovation pathway towards a safer and more sustainable world."
  • ACS Green Chemistry Institute - "convenes the global chemistry community to catalyze innovative thinking, facilitate critical conversations, and communicate the core values and benefits of green and sustainable chemistry and engineering."

Chemical Management and Storage Guidelines

  • DEC School Chemical Management - materials to guide and assist schools in the safe organization and maintenance of their chemical inventories and storage areas.
  • DEC Chemical Storage & Handling Recommendations - inorganic and organic chemical organization guidelines for compatible storage.
  • DEC & the State Education Department (SED): NYS School Science Chemical Management Guidance Manual - a collaborative document from the DEC and SED providing guidelines for safe and efficient chemical storage in schools, chemical hygiene officer appointing and planning, and tools for organization and upkeep of chemical inventory.
  • CleanSweepNY - " Environmental Benefit Project which was initiated by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation's Bureau of Pesticide Management. It is an effort to safely and economically dispose of canceled, unwanted, unusable, or otherwise obsolete pesticides and other chemicals from agricultural or non-agricultural business activities. CleanSweepNY also provides for the disposal of elemental mercury, mercury containing devices such as thermometers, manometers, etc... from schools and other entities."
  • EPA Managing School Chemicals and EPA Safer Choice - information on safer alternatives to hazardous chemicals and cleaning products, as well as a search feature to find Safer Choice Certified product alternatives.
  • NYSED School Chemicals Management & Storage Guidelines - the New York State Department of Education's guidelines for the storage of chemicals by faculty and staff in schools in accordance with New York State Education Law, '305(19) Chapter 627 of the Laws of 1989.
  • Clean, Green & Healthy Schools Chemical & Environmental Hazards - Chemicals in the school environment can be a problem due to improper storage or labeling, misuse, and accidental or unnoticed spills. Exposure to these chemicals and hazards can be very serious, especially for children. Becoming educated on how to manage chemicals in schools is crucial for a healthy environment.

Green Chemistry Resources for Educators

The NYS Pollution Prevention Institute Green Chemistry Modules

The New York State Pollution Prevention Institute (NYSP2I) is sponsored by DEC and led by the Golisano Institute of Sustainability (GIS) at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). They provide information, resources, and solutions to businesses and communities to help integrate sustainability into their practices. Modules are listed below.

Outreach, Information, Case Studies, Professional Development

Need technical assistance at your school? NYSP2I can help! Please fill out the P2 Technical Support for NYS School Districts Green Chemistry Preliminary Questionnaire and email it to

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