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Organics Recycling Facilities and Regulations

Regulatory Oversight

Organics recycling facilities (composting, land application & storage, anaerobic digestion, mulch processing, fermentation, animal feed and other organics recycling technologies) are regulated under 6NYCRR Part 361: Material Recovery Facilities in one of three ways: exempt, registered or permitted.

Organics recycling facilities are regulated under:

See the quick reference guide for organics recycling regulations and other solid waste management regulations related to managing food scraps (hauling, drop off spots, transfer facilities).

Other Solid Waste Regulations for Managing Food Scraps

Transporting or hauling food scraps is regulated under 6NYCRR Part 364: Waste Transporters. This includes residential and commercial hauling of food scraps.

Food scraps drop off spots or transfer facilities that accept food scraps are regulated under 6NYCRR 362-3: Transfer Facilities.

Exempt Facilities

Exempt facilities pose limited potential for environmental and public health impacts, and therefore do not need to inform the Department of their solid waste activities.

Registered Facilities

Prior to operation, facilities must apply for a registration with the regional DEC office with the following forms:

Facilities who are no longer in operation and would like to relinquish their registration must submit the following form to their regional office.

Permitted Facilities

Prior to operation, facilities must apply for a permit with their regional DEC office with the following form. Contact your Regional Materials Management Engineer to set up a pre-application meeting.

Guidance Documents

Annual Reporting

Owners/operators of an organics recycling facility must submit an annual report no later than March 1 of each year for the previous calendar year.

All completed annual reports from the previous year will be made available to the public on the FTP directory starting June 1st.

Maps of Regulated Organics Recycling Facilities

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More about Organics Recycling Facilities and Regulations:

  • Regulations for Organic Recycling Facilities - Under New York State solid waste regulations, there are three levels of regulatory oversight for facilities: exempt, registered and permitted. Exempt facilities pose the least potential for environmental impacts, followed by registered facilities and finally permitted that pose greatest potential environmental impacts, and therefore require the most regulatory oversight.