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Petroleum Bulk Storage Program - Regulated Petroleum Products

Definition of Petroleum (PBS regulations 6 NYCRR section 613-1.3(as))

The following definitions are shortened for the sake of context. For the full definition of Petroleum and Petroleum mixture please see subdivisions 6 NYCRR section 613-1.3(as) and (at) of the Petroleum Bulk Storage (PBS) regulations (PDF) (106 pages, 498 KB).

Petroleum means:

  1. crude oil and any fraction thereof;
  2. synthetic forms of lubricating oils, dielectric oils, insulating oils, hydraulic oils, and cutting oils;
  3. any complex blend of hydrocarbons that is not derived from crude oil; or
  4. any petroleum mixture.

Petroleum does not include:

  1. any hazardous substance covered under 6 NYCRR section 597.3, except as may be part of a petroleum mixture which would otherwise be treated as petroleum;
  2. animal or vegetable oils; or
  3. substances that are gases at standard temperature and pressure.

Petroleum Mixture means:

  1. a mixture of any substances defined as petroleum above; or
  2. a blend that consists of:
    1. at least 70 percent by volume of the substances covered by the definition of petroleum (singly or in combination) and
    2. one or more other substances, except any hazardous waste as identified or listed in 6 NYCRR Part 371; or
  3. a blend that consists of:
    1. one percent or more by volume of the substances defined as petroleum (singly or in combination), and
    2. one or more other substances, other than hazardous substances covered under section 597.3 and hazardous waste as identified or listed in Part 371.

Examples of Products Treated as Petroleum

  1. Crude Oil and Crude Oil Fractions

  2. Motor Fuels including Biofuel Blends (<100% Biofuel)
    1. Gasoline
    2. Diesel Fuel
    3. Jet Fuel
    4. Aviation Gasoline

  3. Fuel Oils/Heating Oils including Biofuel Blends (<100% Biofuel)
    1. Distillate and Residual Oils (heating oils # 2, 4, 5, 6)
    2. Kerosene (heating oil #1)
    3. Clarified Oil
    4. Used Oil (heating)

  4. Lubricating and Cutting Oils (including synthetic forms)
    1. Motor Oil
    2. Gear and Spindle Oils
    3. Hydraulic Oil (including Transmission Fluid and Turbine Oil)
    4. Cutting Oil
    5. Petroleum Greases ( including axle, engine and gear greases

  5. Oils Used as Building Materials
    1. Asphalt and Road Oils (for example, Asphalt Cutback or Emulsions)
    2. Form Oil

  6. Petroleum Spirits
    1. White Spirits (Stoddard Solvents/mineral spirits)
    2. Naphtha

  7. Mineral and Insulating Oils (including synthetic forms)
    1. Mineral Oil
    2. Insulating Oil (including Dielectric Oils)

  8. Used Oil

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