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MS4 Maps

Urbanized and Additionally Designated Areas

The regulatory requirements apply to MS4s within the Urbanized Areas as identified by the US Census or areas that have been additionally designated by the Department (with the exception of minimum control measures 4 and 5, which apply to the municipal boundaries unless a waiver is granted).

The map books highlight the 2000 and 2010 urbanized area boundary, and the additionally designated boundaries. The map books are organized by county and are intended to assist MS4s in the development and implementation of their Stormwater Management Program and Plan.
These detailed maps will help MS4 owner/operators to better understand where the regulated MS4 boundaries lie within their municipality. Understanding these boundaries will help MS4s identify and prioritize the areas of concern.

The maps may also be used:

  • as a quick reference to help facilitate activities during the planning phase;
  • develop a schedule for activities (e.g, where to begin your outfall mapping or what municipal facilities you will target);
  • evaluate program effectiveness (e.g, what percentage of your system has been mapped);
  • help residents understand where the regulated areas of the municipality are located;
  • help effectively guide the public to participate in the program.

How to use the map books

To use these maps books; select the county of the municipality (please note that some of the map books contain more than one county). The first page is an index of the maps and shows the map key. Use the map index to locate the area of interest and scroll to that map page. Again, please note that the area of interest may lie on more than one map page.

Note: these maps are large files and may take a few minutes to load.

If you have difficulty downloading these maps, please contact the Division of Water for assistance.

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