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WAVE Forms and Data

Water Assessments by Volunteer Evaluators

Sampling Forms

NEW in 2021: Electronic data forms for WAVE sampling are available via this link (leaves DEC website). Please use these forms if possible.

For your convenience, all the necessary forms to collect a WAVE sample are also contained in the WAVE Sampling Guide (link below). Additionally, links to the data sheet, user perception form, and habitat assessment form are also provided below for quick access. Please use the electronic data forms if at all possible.

Sampling Guide (PDF) - functional instructional booklet for citizen scientists

WAVE Data Form (PDF) - Form 1 of 3 - for recording macroinvertebrates and site information

User Perception Form (PDF) - Form 2 of 3 - for recording the recreational use of the stream site

Habitat Assessment Form (PDF) - Form 3 of 3 - for recording habitat conditions of the site

Invasive Species Concerns

WAVE is collaborating with the NYS Regional PRISM offices: Partnerships for Regional Invasive Species Management. The mission of each PRISM office is to coordinate efforts to manage aquatic and terrestrial invasive species. WAVE participants can assist the PRISM effort. As you conduct your WAVE sampling, keep a look out for riparian and aquatic invasive species. The particular species of concern were highlighted at this year's WAVE training and can be found on this flyer:
Invasive species of concern to look out for during WAVE sampling (PDF).


All of the WAVE data that have been collected since the beginning of this project are published on the online map below. For comprehensive data files, email

WAVE Map (leaves DEC website).

Visit DEC's Google Maps and Earth web page for general information about Google Maps and for more maps available in Google Maps.

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