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Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP)

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The Permit (GP-0-17-004)


MSGP Decision Tree (PDF) - Use this to determine if MSGP coverage is applicable for your facility.

Forms for Reporting to the Department

Monitoring and Reporting Table (PDF) - Describes the different monitoring and reporting timetables required by the MSGP and divides the required reports and monitoring into what must be reported to the Department and what should be kept with the SWPPP.

Click image to go to the eBusiness Portal

Click on Blue Button to go to the nForm Portal information webpage to gain access to the Notice of Intent or Annual Certification Report electronic forms. Users must be registered with in order to use the nForm Portal. User guides and help on registering for the portal are also available on the page.

Notice of Intent - Apply for MSGP coverage (MSGP Part I.D)

Notice of Intent Instructions (PDF)

Annual Certification Report - Report compliance with permit conditions every year by January 28. (MSGP Part VI.A.1)

How to navigate the electronic Notice of Intent (eNOI) system (PDF)

MSGP eReport Certification Form (PDF) - This certification form is to be uploaded as certification when using e-Reporting to submit the Notice of Intent and the Annual Certification form

Notice of Termination (NOT) (PDF) - complete and submit this form to terminate MSGP coverage

Corrective Action/Non-compliance Event Form (PDF)

Discharge Monitoring Reports

DMR Instructions (PDF) - How to fill out the Discharge Monitoring Report

DMR Manual and NetDMR Information - webpage

If you have any questions related to DMR reporting or registering for NetDMR, please call (518) 402-8177 or email

Helpful Forms to keep with the Facility's Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

Corrective Action for Semi-Annual Benchmark Monitoring (PDF)

Quarterly Visual Monitoring Forms (PDF) - Use this form when conducting your Quarterly Visual Monitoring.

Storm Event Data Form (PDF) - Use this form to record Storm Event Data.

Waiver Forms

Adverse Climatic Conditions Waiver Form (PDF) - Use this form to claim an Adverse Climatic Conditions Waiver.

Inactive and Unstaffed Waiver Form (PDF) - Use this form to claim an Inactive and/or Unstaffed Waiver.

Representative Outfalls Waiver Form (PDF) - Use this form to claim a Representative Outfall Waiver.

Representative Outfalls Waiver Instructions (PDF)

Conditional Exclusion for No Exposure

Is coverage required if no operations or materials are exposed to precipitation?

A No Exposure Exclusion from MSGP coverage is available if all industrial materials and activities are protected by a storm resistant shelter to prevent exposure to rain, snow, snow melt and/or runoff. In order to obtain a waiver, a facility must submit a No Exposure Certification form certifying a condition of No Exposure. A condition of No Exposure must be re-certified every five years. If, after receiving a waiver, operations change in such a way that No Exposure criteria are no longer met, the facility must submit a Notice of Intent (NOI) to gain authorization under MSGP at that time. More information about the No Exposure Exclusion is available at SPDES No Exposure Certification for Stormwater Permitting.

Contact Information

For information regarding the content of the general permit, contact:

Steven McCague, P.E.
NYSDEC, Division of Water
625 Broadway - 4th Floor
Albany, NY 12233-3505
(518) 402-8108
Email the Division of Water

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