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Stormwater Management Guidance Manual for Local officials (September, 2004)

To help localities comply with state and federal stormwater management requirements, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and Department of State issued the Stormwater Management Guidance Manual for Local Officials. This manual deals with developing and implementing local stormwater management programs, Minimum Measures 4 and 5 under the federal stormwater management program.

The manual has been distributed to local governments in print format, with a compact disk that provides associated technical and permit documentation. This Web site offers an electronic version of the manual. If you wish to obtain a printed copy of the manual or the CD package please contact us.

This Guidance Manual contains information useful to local officials involved in stormwater management, whether in a regulated MS4 or in a community or institution that is not subject to the state/federal stormwater management rules. Tables and Checklists provide easy-to-use analysis tools.

Guidance Manual Contents

  • Chapter 1: Stormwater Management Basics
    Land Development and Stormwater Management; The Need for Stormwater Management; State/Federal Stormwater Management Laws, Regulations and Programs; Opportunities for Communities and Institutions.
  • Chapter 2: Local Stormwater Management
    Current Municipal Stormwater Management in New York State Determining Your Community's Approach to Stormwater Management Municipal Legislative and Enforcement Powers Building Effective Municipal Stormwater Management Programs.
  • Chapter 3: Developing Stormwater Management Laws
    Why Local Laws are Needed; Developing Local Laws for Stormwater Management.
  • Chapter 4: Implementing Construction/Post-Construction Stormwater Management
    Involving the Public in Stormwater Management; Establishing Procedures for Stormwater Management; Funding Stormwater Management; Maintaining Stormwater Management Measures.


  • Appendix 1 - Sample Local Law for Stormwater Management and Erosion & Sediment Control - 2004 (a slightly revised 2006 version of this Sample Local Law can be accessed through the link above)
  • Appendix 2 - Land Use Planning and Stormwater Management
  • Appendix 3 - Local Law for Utilization of the Beecher Creek Detention Facility
  • Appendix 4 - Stormwater Management Resources
  • Appendix 5 - Glossary of Stormwater Management Terms.