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Revising a Pesticide Label

Application Requirements and Forms

There is no fee for submission of revised labeling applications. All applications for a revised label must include:

  • Complete revised labeling application form (PDF, 89 KB). Instructions are on the form;
  • Paper copy of the proposed final product label. Label changes must be highlighted or listed in a cover letter;
  • A compact disc containing the proposed final product as a .pdf file;
  • One paper copy of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) stamped "accepted" label and/or notification(s) used to prepare the proposed label, if applicable.

Time Frames for DEC Review

Label Category DEC Approval Required Prior to Distribution? Maximum Days for DEC to Determine Acceptability*
Amendment Yes 90
Notification Yes 30
Non-notification No 30 (if submitted**)

*From receipt of complete application.
**Non-notifications do not require Department approval prior to distribution. However, non-notifications submitted to the Department will be reviewed for acceptability within 30 days.

How DEC Categorizes Label Revisions

The Department classifies revised labels into one of the three following categories:

  • Amendment - The changes on the proposed final product label are associated with a USEPA stamped "accepted" label. One or more subsequent USEPA notifications may have also been used to produce the final product label.
  • Notification - The changes on the proposed final product label are based solely on a USEPA notification. These changes must comply with EPA Pesticide Registration Notice 98-10 (NOTE: leaving DEC website) and any other applicable guidelines.
  • Non-notification - Minor labeling changes that do not require notification to USEPA. Such changes include:
    1. Correcting typos;
    2. Revision, addition or deletion of non-FIFRA related label elements;
    3. Changes in net contents that do not affect other label elements;
    4. Changes in the name or address of the registrant on the label;
    5. Redesign of label format;
    6. Change in fertilizer analysis;
    7. Change in establishment number.

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