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List of Mercury and Dental Amalgam Recyclers & Hazardous Waste Haulers

Dental Amalgam Recycling Vendors

NOTE: Inclusion of a service in this list does not constitute approval or endorsement of that company by the NYSDEC or provide any assurances with regard to the quality of services provided.

All vendors should be asked to provide certification that your mercury waste is actually being recycled.

Advanced Environmental Recycling Corporation (AERC)
2591 Mitchell Avenue, Allentown, PA 18103
Phone: (610) 797-7608
Service provided: AERC provides dentists with a kit that includes a container for amalgam recycling (call for exact size of container). Pickup from dental facility is available.
Contact vs. non-contact amalgam: AERC accepts both contact and non-contact amalgam, but contact amalgam must be certified as a non-biohazard. Teeth with amalgam fillings and chair-side traps can be included.
Cost: Price is on a per container basis. Typically a one gallon container costs $75 and a five gallon container costs $260.
Other: AERC will take elemental mercury, fluorescent lamps, ballasts, batteries, electronic scrap and other mercury containing devices. AERC may also take lead foil, but call first as this service will be provided on a case-by-case basis.

Amalgaway Mail Disposal Service
3672 E. Raymond St., Indianapolis, IN 46203
Phone: (800) 267-1467
Service provided: Amalgaway provides a kit that includes a one-gallon container for amalgam recycling, disinfectant, and moisture absorbent material. Dentists will receive a certificate indicating how much mercury was recycled.
Contact vs. non-contact amalgam: Amalgaway accepts both contact and non-contact amalgam, amalgam capsules, and teeth that have amalgam. Chair-side traps and vacuum filters can also be included.
Cost: One-gallon kit is $120.00. The two and one-half gallon kit costs $146.00 and is recommended for a combination of amalgam wastes, traps, and filters. A five gallon kit is available for $269. The small lead foil kit, which holds 6-10 pounds of lead foil, costs $47.25. The large lead foil kit, which holds 11-15 pounds, costs $78.75. All prices include shipping and handling.
Other: Elemental mercury is not accepted.

Bethlehem Apparatus Company
PO Box Y, Hellertown, PA 18103
Phone: (610) 838-7034
Contact vs. non-contact amalgam: Bethlehem accepts both contact and non-contact amalgam including teeth with amalgam fillings. Traps can also be included.
Cost: Contact for pricing.
Other: Elemental mercury is accepted. Lead foil is not accepted.

Doral Refining Corporation
533 Atlantic Avenue, Freeport, NY 11520
Phone: (800) 645-2794
Service provided: Dentists can mail amalgam directly to the company. Due to the possibility of leakage, Doral Refining prefers that the amalgam is mailed to them in one of their one quart screw top containers which they will provide to the dentist. Doral prefers to buy amalgam in a dry state. It does not have to be sanitized.
Contact vs. non-contact amalgam: Doral Refining accepts both contact and not contact amalgam. Although teeth with amalgam are accepted, Doral Refining will not pay for these teeth. Also, Doral Refining will not accept plastic chair-side traps.
Cost: Doral Refining will pay for amalgam based on current market rates.
Other: Doral also accepts lead foil and elemental mercury as a courtesy to its customers.

Dental Recycling of North America (DRNA)
145 West 58th Street, New York, New York 10019
Phone: (800) 360-1001
Service provided: DRNA will accept all forms of amalgam waste except elemental mercury.
Contact vs. non-contact amalgam: DRNA accepts both contact and non-contact amalgam. Amalgam capsules, disposable chair-side traps, disposable vacuum traps and extracted teeth with amalgam fillings are also accepted.
Cost: DRNA offers several service plans and various sizes of recycling collection containers. Call for pricing.
Other: Pick up from the dental facility is available.

Healthcare Compliance Service (HCS)
PO Box 61686, Palm Bay, FL 32906
Phone: (888) 726-8505
Service Provided: HCS provides one, two, and 3.5 gallon waste amalgam shipping containers for their mail in service. Generators supplied with prepaid return shipping container, recycling and proper documentation once waste has been recycled.
Contact vs non-contact amalgam: Company accepts both contact and non-contact amalgam along with traps, vacuum pump filters, amalgam capsules, amalgam sludge and extracted teeth. Through daily use of sterilants, waste has been disinfected.
Cost: One gallon ($149), two gallons ($199), and 3.5 gallon ($279) containers
Other: Shipping containers for waste lead and lead foil are also available (one gallon container for $79). Photochemical filtration units are available. Company also accepts sharps and other medical waste (gloves, bandages, gauze, masks, and bibs).

Maguire Refining
1290 81st Avenue NE, Minneapolis, MN 55432
Phone: (800) 486-2858
Service Provided: Company provides bucket, cardboard box, and prepaid shipping label for their mail in service. They will also provide a certificate of recycling.
Contact vs. non-contact amalgam: Company will accept both contact and non-contact amalgam along with traps, filters, amalgam capsules, amalgam sludge, and extracted teeth with amalgam fillings. Amalgam does not need to be disinfected.
Cost: 1.25 gallon ($109.95) and 2½ gallon ($139.95) buckets for dental amalgam and traps. 5 gallon ($249.95) bucket for 3 to 4 cylindrical styled amalgam separator filters. Sludges should not be mixed with plastics and lower density amalgam waste.
Other: Company will also accept dental film and dental lead but will not accept sharps, sharps related waste, or elemental mercury.

181 East Halsey Road, Parsippany, NJ 07054
Phone: (888) 640-2527
Service provided: Medentex provides waste containers for the disposal and recycling of dental wastes, including amalgam, lead foils and extracted teeth. Their waste containers include a sponge in the lid to prevent mercury vapors from escaping and entering the immediate environment. Their waste containers comes with a pre-paid return shipping label. When full, place the container in the box it came in and use the pre-paid shipping label supplied to ship it back to Medentex. They will recycle the contents at no additional charge and send you a certificate for your records.
Contact vs. non-contact amalgam: Medentex offers containers for contact and non-contact amalgam. Medentex accepts capsules, chair-side traps, vacuum traps, teeth containing amalgam fillings, and any other amalgam containing wastes.
Tooth box for amalgam containing teeth (0.35 gallon) - $79
Lead foil (1.5 gallon) - $119
Cap Guard (1.5 gallon) for spent amalgam capsules - $189
Small Waste Container (1.5 gallons) - $139
Large waste container (4.0 gallons) - $249
XL waste container (6.5 gallons) - $339
The cost of each container includes return shipping, a recycling certificate, and the recycling of the container at no extra charge.
Other: Elemental mercury is not accepted. Medentex also manufactures an ISO 11143 compliant amalgam separator that can be integrated into any office. Please see List of Amalgam Separator Manufacturers.

Mercury Waste Solutions, Inc.
(Waste Management Lamp Tracker, 2007 County C-2 West, Roseville, MN 55113 manages dental amalgam program; however Mercury Waste Solutions performs the retorting services)
Phone: (800) 741-3343 (Mercury Waste Solutions); (800) 664-1434 Waste Management Lamp Tracker
Service provided: Company provides a mail-in service and will provide a certificate of recycling.
Contact vs. non-contact amalgam: Company will accept both contact and non-contact amalgam along with traps and filters. Teeth with amalgam fillings are also accepted. Amalgam must be disinfected with line cleaner.
Cost: 1 gallon ($79.95), 3½ gallon ($119.95), or 5 gallon ($139.95) recycling containers include a slide lock foil bag to contain mercury vapors inside an inner ½ gallon bucket with locking lid for dental amalgam. There is also an outer shipping box and a prepaid return shipping label. If you need a container to ship an inline filter, the interior of the five gallon bucket allows 13" of interior height. 3½ and 5 gallon outer containers can be used for lead foil.
Other: A container cannot contain more than 1 net pound of elemental mercury. Company will also accept fluorescent lamps, lamp ballasts, thermometers, and thermostats.

Pure Water Development L.L.C.
5001 S.W. 74th Court, Suite 206, Miami, FL 33155
Phone: 305-663-2989
Service provided: Mail-in program.
Contact vs. non-contact amalgam: Pure Water will accept both and will provide two storage containers, two exchange containers, shipping packages and closures. Amalgam sludge, amalgam capsule waste, teeth with amalgam are also accepted. They will send a certificate of recycling.
Cost: Call for costs and listing of other products available. EcoCenter storage containers are approximately $66.00 and EcoCenter exchange containers are $20.

5400 Legacy Drive, Cluster 2, Building 3, Plano, Texas 75024
Phone: (800) 669-5740
Service provided: Safety-Kleen will provide dentists with an amalgam recycling kit.
Contact vs. non-contact amalgam: Safety-Kleen accepts both contact and non-contact amalgam. Teeth with amalgam fillings and chair-side traps can also be included.
Cost: Call for pricing of recycling kit.
Other: Safety-Kleen also sells mercury spill kits and accepts lead foil, X-ray fixer and developer, and will buy old X-rays. Safety-Kleen will accept up to one pound of elemental mercury.

Veolia Environmental Services (formerly Superior Special Services and Onyx Special Services)
1275 Mineral Springs Drive, Port Washington, WI 53074
Phone: (800) 478-6055
Service provided: This is a mail-in program. You may call the above number to register or go online to Dentists will receive a certificate of recycling.
Contact vs. non-contact amalgam: Veolia will accept both as long as the contact amalgam is disinfected. Teeth with amalgam and chair-side traps are also accepted.
Cost: Veolia charges $109.95 (prepaid) for a kit which includes two containers. The ½ gallon pail is designed to ship "wet amalgam waste" and must be shipped within the two gallon pail. Additional "dry" dental wastes such as lead x-ray foil, non-contact amalgam and empty plastic vials can be placed in the 2-gallon pail to fill the space around the ½ gallon pail. Price includes instructions, terms and conditions, a prepaid shipping label as well as a return shipping box.
Other: Fluorescent lamps, thermometers, thermostats, sharps, lead foil, and elemental mercury are also accepted. Mercury spill kits are also offered.

WCM, Inc. (Waste & Compliance Management)
6054 Corte del Cedro, Carlsbad, CA 92011
Phone: (866) 436-9264
Service provided: WCM provides dentists with Amalgam kits which includes a one-gallon or a five-gallon container, prepaid UPS shipping label and detailed instructions for amalgam recycling. Website is: Dentists will receive a recycling certificate once the waste is recycled.
Contact vs. non-contact amalgam: WCM accepts both contact and non-contact amalgam including teeth that have amalgam fillings. Chair-side traps, vacuum filters, and amalgam sludge can also be included.
Cost: One-gallon kit is $131 and five-gallon kit is $319 Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price.
Other: Sharps disposal, red bags and full sharps container mail-back, lead foil recycling, X-ray chemical disposal (Fixer), aldehyde disposal.

Amalgam Separator Manufacturers

See the list of amalgam separator manufacturers that have submitted the appropriate certifications/test reports to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Hazardous Waste Haulers

All of the following haulers will accept elemental mercury for recycling. Remember to ask for certification that the mercury is actually going to a recycling facility.

Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Inc.
(800) 444-4244

Environmental Products and Services
(800) 577-4557
(518) 465-4000
(315) 471-0503

Heritage Environmental Services
(877) 436-8778

Triumvirate Environmental, Inc.
(800) 427-3320

If you are a vendor or service provider and would like to be added to this listing, or have corrections, contact the NYSDEC at: