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Grants for Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Programs

DEC is authorized to provide grants for HHW collection programs in order to provide a safe alternative for recycling or disposal of household hazardous materials.

Applications will be accepted by DEC during the months of January and February of each calendar year for all eligible household hazardous waste collection and disposal costs incurred during the previous calendar year.

After a collection event is held, the applicant must complete a household hazardous waste collection day event report (PDF, 156 KB).

Permitted household hazardous waste facilities must complete an HHW Facility Annual Report (PDF, 268 KB).

Effective January 1, 2018, all HHW State Assistance applications must be submitted through the NYS Grants Gateway (Link leaves NYSDEC website)

Access to HHW State Assistance Applications will only be available from January 1 through the last day in February each year.

Application Materials for E-Waste Grant Assistance:

The 2016 New York State budget included funding for electronic waste (e-waste) grants. This temporary infusion of aid is intended to assist municipalities in coping with recent unexpected costs of e-waste collection.

There is no current application period for e-waste grants. When a funding opportunity exists, application information will be posted on this web page.