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Pesticide Product Registration

Looking for Currently Registered Pesticides?

Access currently registered pesticides in New York State by visiting the New York State Pesticide Administration Database (NYSPAD) by clicking the icon below:

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Every pesticide product which is used, distributed, sold, or offered for sale in NY State must be registered by the NYSDEC. Any pesticide product registered or required to be registered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) must be registered in NYS. Products requiring NYS registration include basic U.S. EPA registrations, supplemental (distributor) registrations, and additional brand names.

Please note you can now pay your pesticide product registration application fee electronically for new product and renewal applications. If you would like to pay your application fee electronically, please do not submit payment with your application. We will email you an invoice that you can pay via physical check, electronic check, debit card or credit card. Please note your place in the queue for review will not be affected if you select to pay via the invoicing method. Please visit the On-Line Invoicing section of the Doing Business with DEC webpage for more information regarding electronic payments. Please note that transaction fees are applied to certain payment types and are listed as a separate transaction during payment. Please see the following table for applicable transaction fees:

Electronic Payment Transaction Fees
Physical Check Sent to DEC $0
Electronic Check $0.20
Debit Card 1.25% of transaction
Credit Card 2.25% of transaction

Please select from the following types of registration for forms, instructions and additional details:

Email the DEC's Pesticide Product Registration Section at or call 518-402-8768 if you have questions about registration.

Queue time: Most new product applications are reviewed about 4 to 8 weeks after they are received in our office.

Pesticide Certification

If you have a question regarding the certification of pesticide applicators please visit the Pesticide Certification and Business Registration webpage or contact the Reporting and Certification Section at 518-402-8748 or

More about Pesticide Product Registration: