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Reuse and Recycling

Reuse is when a material, that would otherwise be solid waste, is used over again for its original purpose. Recycling is the use of recovered materials in the manufacturing of a product. The reuse and recycling of solid waste in the State is second in the order of preference in managing waste materials under our "State Solid Waste Management Policy."

Recent reuse and recycling efforts of the DEC have focused on the following general areas:

  • State assistance program;
  • educational outreach and technical assistance;
  • beneficial materials use; and
  • promotion of secondary materials markets.

Public Education and Technical Assistance Many efforts have successfully reduced the amount of waste being disposed through reuse and recycling programs. These continuing efforts include:

  • educating local public officials and the public at workshops, conferences, meetings and presentations as to the steps they can take to reuse and recycle;
  • providing technical assistance to municipalities and businesses on reuse and recycling opportunities;
  • preparing and distributing educational publications on reuse and recycling; and
  • reviewing local solid waste management planning unit reuse and recycling initiatives, as outlined in their comprehensive recycling analysis and local solid waste management plans.

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