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Vehicle Dismantling

Multi-Discipline Approach for Ensuring Environmental Awareness at Automobile Recycling Facilities

A photo of vehicles stacked at a junk yard.

Interactive Map of Vehicle Dismantling Facilities (leaving DEC's website)

Automobile recycling is one of the largest recycling industries in the United States, but without proper waste handling it can cause significant environmental impacts.

On July 26, 2006, Chapter 180 of the Laws of 2006 created Article 27 Title 23: Vehicle Dismantling Facilities. This law expands the solid waste management requirements for facilities that dismantle automobiles and generate used vehicle fluids and waste components such as mercury switches, lead-acid batteries, etc.

However, vehicle dismantling facilities often are confronted with issues related to stormwater, hazardous waste, air emissions, petroleum spills, and other environmental concerns in addition to solid waste management issues. The following pages provide information that will assist dismantlers to improve their pollution prevention and environmental compliance with state laws and regulations.

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